What’s New with Herbalife Nutrition in 2019

Bigger and better things are underway for the wellness community thanks to Herbalife Nutrition. This particular company has been serving the world with high-quality supplements since 1980. Being a global nutrition company isn’t easy, but this particular company has made its success look rather easy. Fast-forward to 2019 and Herbalife has expanded its borders to better mankind. This company has a profound interest in the process of donating blood. Donating blood is truly a great cause, but donating blood can zap the body of its energy. According to crunchbase, this is where Herbalife comes into the frame as this organization will be donating some of its products to replenish the energy reserves of blood donators. The idea is brilliant as Herbalife will be working exclusively with the American Red Cross.

Over 280,000 of the brand’s Protein Deluxe bars will be donated to more than 120 blood-donation centers across the US. This generous donation has been taking place for the past four years, and its value represents an estimated $500,000. Humanitarian efforts is what this company specializes in, and it has a long resume of doing so. This decades-long affair has helped to thrust the brand into the spotlight among its competitors. These protein bars are loaded with healthy ingredients, which consists of 10 grams of protein. In addition to that, the protein bars will provide 10 carbohydrates as well as an abundance of vitamin B2.

Herbalife’s Protein Deluxe bars are also very convenient thanks to their eat-on-the-go attributes. They’re perfect for an afternoon snack, and they’re perfect to use right after working out. This Los Angeles-based company has held its own blood drives on numerous occasions. Fifty blood drives have been hosted at company headquarters, and the brand’s valiant efforts has helped to save more than 25,000 lives.