Paul Mampilly: a Top Hedge Fund Manager

Paul Mampilly started working many years ago. At first, his career picked so well in Wall Street in the year 1991 where he was the assistant portfolio manager at one of the leading institutions in America. With hard work and lots of commitment, the businessman managed to go up and get promoted to top positions in some of the largest companies in the country. Paul managed to work for organizations such as Deutsche Bank and the prestigious ING. In these companies, the businessman was responsible for the management of multi-million dollars account. Paul Mampilly was very successful while working as a fund manager. According to the companies he worked for, the businessman proved to have excellent skills in the management of accounts. View Paul Mampilly’s profile at

When an investment opportunity came at the Kinetic Asset Management , Paul Mampilly was one of the people who were hired. The company wanted an individual who was highly experienced so that he could handle all the accounts available. The owners of the institution had invested more six billion dollars in the firm, and they were all looking forward to getting great returns. After conducting a lot of research in the market, the owners of this fund decided that they were going to hire Paul because he had proven to have excellent skills in the industry.

When Paul got the leadership position in the hedge fund, the investors were impressed. In a very short time, the firm assets registered a growth of more than twenty five billion, a figure that they did not expect from the start. Several platforms were shocked too by this kind of growth, and this is why they named the fund as the best in the entire world. Paul Mampilly popularity rose when he was serving in this company because of what he managed to do.

Although Paul was a top leader in the corporate world, he decided that he wanted to pursue other crucial ventures, and this is why he decided to join a company known as Banyan Hill Publishing. As a top editor in the company, Paul has been able to make a great impact, especially in the lives of the people who need to make the perfect decisions in business. The businessman has a newsletter that has been performing so well, and it has made him a respectable person in the society. Profits Unlimited is the name of the newsletter, and it has so many followers from the country.

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