Sawyer Howitt: The Racquetball Giant

Son of the owner of the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt is currently the Project Manager at The Meriwether Group located in Portland. At a young age, Sawyer has the ability to understand the operational and financial needs of a business. At the same time, he is also able to bridge the connection between a business brand and the customers.

Later on this year, Sawyer is set to attend the University of California, Barkley, to further his career as an entrepreneur. Apart from being a great entrepreneur, Mr. Sawyer also has a bright future in playing racquetball, a game slowly gaining popularity across the world.

Sawyer Howitt only started playing racquetball while in high school, and it was there that he gained unique skills that helped him become a good player today. He has quickly risen to become one of the most promising members of the Racquetball Club, Portland where he also improved his skills significantly. So promising he is, that many people think that he might be representing the United States in the Racquetball Men’s Olympics soon. While in Lincoln High school, Sawyer was able to advance deep into the playoffs and at the same time bagging several awards.

It was during the Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships that he made a name for himself by finishing second. Although Howitt did not win, he put up a stunning performance against his opponent, Eric Peppleton. Over time Sawyer’s game has matured, and his skills have been greatly sharpened. Occasionally, Sawyer is seen to be matching up with players like John Curley and Gavin Usher. They were the finalists at the National Doubles in 2015. Truly, Sawyer is the next icon in the world of racquetball. Furthermore, he has proven to be great at multitasking since he is both a skilled player and a top-notch entrepreneur all at the same time. Sawyer Howitt might surprise people by becoming the world’s greatest Racquetball player.

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Jim Tananbaum’s Steps in Neuropsychiatric Treatment

In the first round of financing series in support of their neuropsychiatric diagnosis and treatments, the Mindstrong Health managed to raise 14 million dollars. Mindstrong Health is a neurological minded start-up. They have employed an Al-powered platform which is meant to take notes on the interaction patterns via smartphones to monitor brain functions. Mindstrong is intent on avail cognition and mood biomarkers digitally in a continuous manner. This is noted to encompass attention, speed, and executive as well as memory function. ARCH Venture Partners spearheaded this first round of financing, Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, as well as Berggruen Holdings.

Dr. Tom Insel, who is the Mindstrong Health President and co-founder, said that the most exciting part of Mindstrong is seeing how individuals are transforming their typing and scrolling mannerisms on smart devices into the meticulous cognitive function,. This cutting edge process is just a benchmark for monitoring and a step to making more impressive ways to improve mental health. The world population faces mental issues, and such problems are not exclusive to one group. He attests that smartphones are a step forward to monitor and could help manage such issues.

Also, the CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum, said that the team that founded Mindstrong Health has incomparable knowledge of how the medical field goes about to treat and care for those ailing from mental complications and disorders. All those worried about helping and bettering the experience of these patients will now have a platform that greatly enhances how such treatments are tackled. The Mindstrong Health CEO, DR. Paul Dagum, added that all the new medicine is now measured objectively, but the mental tracking of patients has been constricted to the clinics. To be able to help the patients effectively, they look to have measures that are currently there for patients with chronic diseases, which is the intention of Mindstrong Health.

Jim Tananbaum, along with Foresite Capital, has been key in aiding the medical industry by investing in worthwhile ventures that are made to improve the treatment of those afflicted by conditions that do not yet have proper/modern means of treatment. They boast of 1.1 billion dollars in assets which they manage. Jim has been in the medical circles for over 20 years and has gone to found his own biopharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare investment practices such as NASDAQ: GENZ, Theravance Inc, and much more. Jim is a Yale graduate holding BSEE and BS degrees, a Harvard M.D and also M.S from MIT.

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Success Academy and the many achievements

Success Academy was founded in the year 2015 by Eva S. Moskowitz. It is the largest charter school network in New York City. It has a total of 41 schools which are publicly funded but privately managed. The headquarters are in Lower Manhattan but has other centers all over New York City. Recently success academy has launched online education Institute to share curriculum and professional development.


The founder of this great network says that she has two major agenda that she is pushing through the network. One of them is to offer high performing group of schools. The second is to improve the American education in general. Eva met with Donald Trump immediately after the presidential elections. Later the speaker of the House visited one of the charter schools.


The founder of the Success Academy charter schools believes that there are so many children across America that do not learn science as well as mathematics at the basic levels. She, therefore, desires to use the success academy platform to help solve the problem. She believes that once the mission is accomplished many learners will have better and high-quality education throughout the entire country.


The learners in the charter network learn so much in all field of life. There are many success stories from the students, the teachers and the parents of the success network of schools. All the graduates of the schools in kindergarten and also the eighth grade has a lot to celebrate. Adrian Roberts, one of the parents of two Success Academy students, says that the school has helped the entire family to love Chess. He says that both his son and daughter, Aston and Brielle love the game and through them, he has improved his skills. There are many other things taught in the schools including music and many other art lessons.


The Success Academy staffs say that they are using the Education Institute to share the broad architecture and their components of success Academy model. That way they are sharing the best practice, resources, and information to many who are educating. Many more children will gain access to great education. Through this technology, many learners will be assisted to get a quality education.

College Admissions: What Every High School Scholar — and Parent — Should Know

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Dubai based Real Estate Developer Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani

Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani founded DAMAC properties in 2002. Prior to the start up of DAMAC, Sajwani worked in the food service business. Sajwani was involved in his food supply and catering service in the 1980’s. He had business clients such as the US military, and Bechtel, a known leader in the construction industry. Additionally, his food service company provided provisions to the energy sector of Abu Dhabi. He is still the owner of his Hussain Sajwani family food business. Sajwani had dabbled in real estate prior to opening his food service supply company and saw prime market conditions to return to real estate. Before developing in Dubai, Sajwani developed Deira. He constructed mid market hotels after the Soviet Union’s collapse. There was a need for temporary lodging due to the influx of visitors from that region.


DAMAC properties is based out of Dubai and is a real estate construction, architecture and engineering company. Damac owner Sajwani took advantage of a decree in Dubai that allowed foreigners to to purchase emirate properties. Sajwani’s first property to be built in Dubai was in an underdeveloped portion of the area and it was a thirty eight story residential building. Sajwani saw a need for housing in the area and was able to have all units sold prior to it’s construction completement.


Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani has a net worth of $3.9 Billion. After his successful build of a residential building, Damac properties partnered with Donald Trump in 2013. The business relationship would result in developement of two seperate golf courses that would be Trump branded. The first of these two newly developed golf courses opened in February of 2017. The Trump International Golf Course was constructed at Damac’s Akoya residential living developement. In 2018, at a different residential living developement designed by Damac, the Trump World Golf Course will be operational. The Trump World Golf Course was designed by professional golfer Tiger Woods.


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George Soros – Well-Known Political Contributor and Philanthropist

George Soros is one of the most successful hedge funders of all time, and thanks to his investment strategies and techniques, he has been able to amass a fortune of over $25 Billion in his career spanning over five decades. However, it is not only his success in the business that is worth talking about as along with being a successful businessman, he is also a popular political contributor, opinion leader, author, and social reformer. Learn more about George at Biography.

He is known to be an out and out support of Democratic ideals, and even though he didn’t contribute much financially in the previous two elections, he came out with all his support in 2016 Presidential Election to support Hillary Clinton. As per a report, he provided funds estimated at $30 million to support the Clinton campaign and was ready to provide more if needed. However, to his surprise and disappointment, Clinton couldn’t win the elections and Trump became the U.S. President, who George Soros has openly showcased his disliking for. George Soros feel that the Trump would not support the causes he has been working for and would work against the Democratic ideals, which would put many of his social reforms and projects in jeopardy.

One of the reasons George Soros is highly known for across the globe is for his philanthropic efforts and generous donations he has made to improve the world we live to various charities. Till date, George Soros has given donations of over $12 Billion, which is amongst the biggest philanthropic contributions in the world. However, he continues to add to his contributions with every passing year, and even at 86, he is quite comfortable and active in both social and political sphere. He even has a foundation named Open Society Foundation, which is associated with many leading organizations in the field of social and community welfare to support the causes George Soros feel for. Open Society Foundation reaches out to organizations and communities in over 100 countries and is involved in many social welfare projects in the country as well as overseas. Know more on about George Soros.

George Soros is the chairman of the Soros Fund Managements, one of the leading hedge fund management firms in the world. The company is known to be one of the most consistent performers in the field of finance and investment, even during the sluggish market. George Soros completed his graduation from the reputed London School of Economics. After graduation, he went on to take a job in a local bank but left that job soon after to move to the United States and try his luck on Wall Street. However, the luck didn’t strike immediately, and after few years of struggle, he managed to start his fund named Quantum Fund with the capital of $12 Million.

George Soros in order to help the businesses started by immigrants and refugees in the United States recently pledged to give $500 million. He believes that the fund he would provide would help the refugees, minorities, and immigrants to stay afloat in the competitive business market and expand their business to realize their dreams.

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Julia Jackson Is Changing The Way The World Views Wine and Women As Leaders

Julia Jackson developed a passion for the family business at an early age. Julia is the daughter of Jess Jackson, the founder of the illustrious Jackson Family Wines. Jackson Family Wines produces several world renowned wine brands, including Vérité, Cardinale, Mantanzas Creek and Murphy Goode.

Julia is currently the spokesperson for the family’s burgeoning wine business. After growing up picking and sorting grapes at the family vineyard, she attended Scripps College. Jackson obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree and went on to Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Recently, Julia’s mother, Barbara Banke, headed to the United Kingdom to disprove a common misconception about Cabernet wine. For decades Napa has been the go to region for the world’s favorite Cabernet wines. The Jacksons believe that Sonoma produces a better Cabernet than Napa. After tasting Vérité La Joie, 50 of London’s premier fine wine purchasers and sommeliers agreed.

After the wine tasting Julia said “Sonoma has a reputation for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, but we believe it’s the best place for Cabernet.”

Julia hopes to do more than just expand her family’s business, she also wants to empower women. After years of watching her mother succeed in a male dominated industry, Julia wanted to celebrate other women who had done the same. She founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment, a grant program that awards $100,000 a year to women trailblazers.

“I feel like there aren’t enough role models for little girls and young women to look up to in the media,” Jackson told Breakthru Beverage. “Seeds of Empowerment acknowledges those who have overcome adversity but also celebrates the strength of women as leaders.”

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Hussain Sajwani’s Rise to the Top of Property Development Industry

Few people have had such an illustrious career in the real estate industry as Hussain Sajwani. A UAE national, he founded DAMAC properties, one of the world’s biggest companies dealing in property development. Additionally, he has worked with only the best in the real estate industry, notable among them being the United States President, Donald Trump. He has, however, not always been at the top.

Starting from Scratch

When he graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering in 1981, Hussain Sajwani found a job with a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, GASCO, as a Contracts Manager. He did not stay for long, choosing to be his own employer. He started a catering business in 1982.

Gifted with a keen eye for business opportunities, Hussain Sajwani noted the growing number of business people and traders who visited the Emirates in the mid 90s. He put up a number of hotels to accommodate them. The opportunities, however, kept increasing and he founded DAMAC Properties in 2002.

Over the years, Hussain Sajwani has led the company from one glory to another. Today, it is one of the biggest property development ventures in not only the Middle East but the world. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani Family:

In addition to DAMAC, the Hussain Sajwani family owns DICO Investments, a company involved in private equities, acquisitions and mergers, and holds majority as well as minority holdings in companies that are publically traded.

Giving Only the Best

Thanks to Hussain Sajwani’s entrepreneurial skills and remarkable ability to turn a vision into reality, DAMAC has continued on its growth path. It is now a publicly listed company employing almost 2000 people, and has delivered more than 16,800 luxury homes with 44,000 units in various stages of planning and progress. They are located in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Beirut, Doha, Riyadh, Amman, Jeddah and London. Additionally, DAMAC has partnered with giant real estate companies including The Trump Foundation which manages its Tiger Woods style golf course.

The company also has under its wings Bugatti-styled luxury villas, luxury apartments with interiors designed by Italian fashion powerhouses, Versace, and Fendi as well as one of a kind Paramount Hotels and Resorts.


Hussain Sajwani is a rare example of what skills, business insight, and dedication can do in the property development industry. In addition, he has proved that business is not all about getting but also giving.

Among his philanthropic efforts is improvement of the living standards of the poor all over the world. The DAMAC owner donated AED 2 million to help provide clothing to disadvantaged children in various parts of the world.

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Madison Street Capital: An Expert In Financial Advisory

Madison Street Capital is a company that is known throughout the financial field as being one of the tops regarding financial advisory and the numerous other services that they provide. Madison Street Capital is a company that is dedicated to offering their clients superior quality service that they won’t get elsewhere. The company believes that it has the power to help their clients grow, in turn, helping the company grow as well. Over the years, Madison Street Capital has attained an extremely impressive portfolio, with numerous clients from various sectors. Right from individuals to large international companies, Madison Street Capital has serviced them all. The company believes in offering their customers a full range of services that they can choose from, depending on what they are coming to the company for. The list of services that they provide range from portfolio management to company financial analysis. They try to cover every aspect of finances, to submit their clients to almost any kind of financial and business service that they would ask for.


Madison Street Capital is known to have worked on some of the biggest financial deals in recent times, as their recent endeavor with Ares Security. Ares was on the lookout for investment opportunities that would take the company to new heights, and through the valuable insight that was provided to them by Madison Street Capital, they were able to close on one of their biggest offers. By looking into their financials and providing them an excellent analysis of where to take their business, Madison Street Capital helped Ares in a gigantic way.


Madison Street Capital is mainly known for the financial research services that they provide their clients with. The company is known to have some of the best analysts in the field, who are extremely dedicated to offering their customers the best analysis to help them grow and expand their reach. Madison Street Capital pays attention to the advisors that they hire, and go out of their way to ensure that their employees are well trained and able to gauge their client’s needs. Madison Street Capital is known to have some of the best in the field, which is why so many companies choose Madison Street Capital as their number one option and trust them with their financials. This is just one of the few things that have helped the company garner the stellar Madison Street Capital reputation that it has in the financial world today.

How The Lung Institute Is Helping Patients With Lung Complications Heal With Advanced Scientific Solutions

Herbert K. is one of the many recipients of Lung Institute’s expert services. Before seeking their stem cell therapy solutions, Herbert was an energetic man who enjoyed cultivating his lawn and helping in other homely chores. He developed COPD which rendered him with a lung capacity of 15 percent. As a result, the regular duties became daunting, living him and his family depressed and worried. When they learned about the Lung Institute,, they booked a stem cell therapy session which Herbert reported to have improved his breathing and upped his energy levels. There are hundreds of people who have benefited from the innovative treatment from Lung Institute to heal a variety of lung ailments such as asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis and interstitial lung disease.

Stem cell therapy’s technique uses multipotent cells that can differentiate into diverse cell types needed for lung regeneration and repair of the lung tissue. The practitioners fetch the cells from the body and implant them into the affected lung area. As the cells embed themselves onto the tissue, the lung gradually repairs and regenerates itself. The cells have to be part of another part of the lung To treat the lungs. The medical experts design the therapy to instruct the cells to produce blood by cooperating with the bone marrow.

Currently, there are a handful of certified stem cell therapy hospitals in the United States. The Lung Institute is one of the top medical facilities specialized in the regeneration of lung cells and tissues. According to Cedars-Sinai report from the firm’s research team, approximately 85 percent of patients suffering from COPD receive satisfactory treatment from their stem cell therapy. Currently, it caters to the medical needs of more than 3000 patients. Lung Institute began operating in 2013 from its Tampa, Florida headquarter office. It has additional offices in Dallas, Texas, Pittsburgh, Ariz, Scottsdale, Tennessee and Nashville. Visit for more info.

Jack Coleman, the managing director of Lung Institute, stated that stem cell technology is the future of medicine. He added that the Lung Institute has a determination to give patients safe and excellent treatments to alienate their pain and improve their quality of life.

Wessex Institute of Technology: Wikipedia Highlights

Located in New Forest National Park in the South of England, Wessex Institute of Technology offers a variety of degrees and is also a top research university. One of the primary goals of the Wessex Institute of Technology is the exchange of information between industry professionals and individuals within the world of academia. Divided into the three core areas of Research, Conferences, and Publishing, the Wessex Institute of Technology is an unheralded university, and one of the top facilitators of international conferences in the world.