Marc Sparks is Sparking Change With Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is a successful businessman and philanthropist who is currently based in the United States. Sparks is the author of a popular book known as They Can’t Eat You. Not long ago, the businessman started Spark Tank to makes sure that the communities living in Dallas live a better life. Thanks to the project, the people residing in the Dallas-Fort area can access numerous social benefits. The main of Spark Tank is to help change the world by transforming one community at a time.

Mark Sparks owns several businesses, and they have all turned out to be very successful under his leadership. The venture capitalist has a lot of expertise in the business industry, and he helps other people to turn their dreams and passions into a reality.

Mark is mostly involved in the competitive telecommunications industry. He is believed to be behind successful companies such as Cardinal Telecom, Splash Media, and Blue Jay Wireless. Mark Sparks has also done very well in the real estate industry.

Mark Sparks says that he met Lynne Sipiora fifteen years ago, and they worked together to form a powerful emperor. They first took a little shelter that was located in one of the rundown houses. The two transformed the shelter into a three million dollar operations that would feed hundreds of people every day. The Shelter is known as the Samaritan Inn has been very successful in its operations, and it has helped to feed the homeless and hungry since it was established in the 1980’s.

According to Wikipedia, Mark Sparks and Lynn are also believed to have built the first transitional apartment in North Texas several years ago. They also opened a prospering thrift store in the areas that has transformed the lives of many people.

The two have a seven million dollar shelter for the needy individuals in the country. Lynn convinced Mark Sparks that many people in the society wanted funding to succeed in business, and this led to the invention of Spark Tank.

The people applying for the program are usually judged according to their needs, their ability to measure the program’s outcome and their presentation. If the candidates are creative enough, then they are given the funding to make a difference in their lives and that of the communities around them.

Through the program, many upcoming entrepreneurs can now start successful businesses and feed their families comfortably. Mark Sparks also shares his success story with these businessmen, encouraging them to work hard and become successful, just like him.

His book, They Can’t Eat You has also been doing well in the market since it was introduced in the market, increasing his revenue every day. The book explains how Mark Sparks become successful.


Care From MB2 Dental

A Guide To Your Dental Care

When you want your dental health care to always be at its absolute best, you can count on MB2 Dental to assist you. There are some dentist recommended tips that will help you to make the most out of your oral health care each and every day and for the long term. With this in mind, you can start by applying these practical oral health care tips below and use them to the best of your ability. Factor in these points so that you are taken care of and able to get the most out of your teeth and gums.

#1: Set up primary care status

The best the thing you can do is reach out to a dental care practitioner from MB2 Dental. In doing this, you will be cared for by a dental professional with excellence at what they do and you will be in great hands along the way. Make the most out of this situation by reaching out to dental practitioners from this firm so that you are well taken care of.

#2: Brush and floss twice daily

It is critically important that you brush and floss two times per day and sometimes between meals if necessary. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to make your smile last and will offer yourself the opportunity to improve your smile and your dental health. use quality dental care products so that you are well taken care of and getting the cleaning care that you need.

#3: Observe a healthy, clean diet

Finally, make sure that you do all you can to have a clean and healthy diet. By feeding yourself nothing but high quality foods, you will be well taken care of and able to make the absolute most out of your teeth and gums. This will also allow you to make sure that your overall health is taken care of as well, since these effects play a role in everything.

You will want to apply these guidelines. By applying these guidelines to the best of your ability, you will have the opportunity to get the help and service you require from professionals. You will also be able to masterfully take care of your own teeth and gums and will allow yourself the opportunity to protect your overall health. Start by following these tips and get in touch with a dentist who can help you.

Sam Tabar On Parents Supporting Their Adult Children

Sam Tabar has an outstanding background in finance and law and is brilliant in everything he touches. In 2001 he graduated from Oxnard University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master Degree in Law with honors. Then went on to Columbia Law School for his LLM. He then became an associate for Skedden in 2001.

Sam Tabar then took his education and ran with it. He didn’t just work at small firms, he obtained high profile positions such as senior associate at the major law firm Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. In 2004 he worked for PMA where he was introduced and had the opportunity to handle hedge funds. He was also able to deal with clients directly and became the Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development. In 2011 he joined Merrill Lynch and started working with the Asia Pacific region. During his International Finance Career he became fluent in French and Japanese. He currently is COO of FullCycle Energy Fund and CFO of Awearable Apparel Inc. in New York City.

Sam Tabar recently wrote an article for Huffington Post titled, “When Should a Parent Stop Supporting Their Adult Children?” He discusses how it’s natural for parents to continue to want to help their adult children with their expenses such as helping with rent so they can be in a better location, and partial payment on other bills.

He mentioned that Fidelity did a survey of millennials of the ages of 25-35 and found out that 47% still had their parents helping them with expenses. Also, according to the Federal Reserve, half of the Americans today only had $400 in savings. The millennials surveyed had $9,100 in savings. That says a lot about what is happening between the parents and adult children. Also more than half of the millennials currently have investment accounts and retirement savings which is quite different from previous generations.

But what does this mean for the parents? Could they be sacrificing their financial stability and retirement to help support their children who really don’t need the help? Some parents may have investments and retirement, but the fact that half of Americans only have $400 in savings says that there are probably some that may be hurting financially.

Sam Tabar suggests that parents get together with their children and discuss their finances. If indeed they can support their selves the parents need to allow them to do so. There may be an adjustment period for the adult children to get used to the difference but with some guidance from their parents it can be a relative easy adjustment. The important thing is to not have the parents sacrifice their financial security for adult children that are thriving financially on their own.


IAP WORLDWIDE stands for INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE. What a mission statement within the very name of the company itself this is! Not all organizations do this such as this one has…take note, for great things have already come to and through the soul of this one of a kind global leader company. Many more things are to follow.

To begin with, please allow me to provide a bit of informational background for those of you who may be new to this name. For those of you who have not heard of this great company or can not recall it quite exactly, please take note. IAP WORLDWIDE’s main web page states that:
“Everyone at IAP is personally committed to our customers, our partners, and each other. We welcome creativity, prize integrity, and celebrate the contributions of each individual. IAP respects and values each person’s unique experience — from the corporate administrator to the veteran employee in the field….”

IAP WORLDWIDE’s board of directors includes ten well known and hard working individuals who have helped to make IAP what it is known for today. They continue to fight hard to do so on a daily basis. Without them, the soul of this company would not be quite what it is….and so the fiber of the organization thanks them from deep down. These individuals are thanked and recognized.

IAP WORLDWIDE operates with in numerous states in the US, and multiple countries across the world. As such, many opportunities for career advancement on and employment exist within the company. These such fields of employment and expertise include, and are not limited to: project managers, electricians, buyers, managers, IT handlers, and cost estimators. Numerous more positions exist, which may be located on the main web site page link

IAP WORLDWIDE offers government services, power services, and expeditionary infrastructure…..just to name a few additional areas of service and expanse. I am not done. There is more, but the general aim and point of the company in summary here is this: that we are all stronger when we work together. IAP believes it, and it certainly is easy to note that this belief drives the root of everything that they do, making impossible possible…..good better, and great excellent.

The company has been around since the year of 1953, and has embraced a good challenge since day one. That’s over sixty years!

Paving The Way For A New Generation

Alexei Beltyukov has been called the Russian author and entrepreneur to watch. He received his MBA from INSEAD after switching his career from medicine to business.
In 2013, Beltyukov established Endemic Capital. This company assists of a team of professional entrepreneurs, managers, and investors aiding in the successful launch of new entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, he has started many organizations to assist Russians hoping to start businesses and attend classes.

Beltyukov created A-Ventures in 2007 to assist other Russian companies with financial assistance during times of distress. A-Ventures is a management company that helps other companies upturn their current state of affairs and manages assets. Alexei Beltyukov is also a member on FORO Energy’s board of directors.

According to PR Newswire, Alexei Beltyukov became the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy in 2015. This online system allowed math to be more attainable for high school students and teachers. The software provides a means for users to practice their math curriculum online and receive reviews from their educators upon completion of each assignment. Beltyukov was installed as a board member of the Interactive Educational Services, and was stated to have the expertise knowledge to make Solvy a success. Solvy is stated to become the premiere program for students that are struggling in the subject of math.

One of Beltyukov’s great accomplishments include becoming the senior Vice President of development and commercialization for the Skolkovo Foundation. This non-profit was founded in 2010 and was created to expand the Russian economy with computer, space, and nuclear technologies. The Skolkovo organization has been sponsored by more than 30 companies. The aid from these companies will help the organization in building the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

This appeals to me, because I have a passion to get involved with non-profit organizations and start my own one day. Organizations like Skolkovo give me a blueprint to study in order to build a successful non-profit.

Christopher Burch, the Fashion and Tech Savvy Entrepreneur

Chris Burch ( is an entrepreneur with a diverse business background including technology, fashion, and real estate. Mr. Burch started his career at Itchica College where together with his brother started Eagles Eye apparel. Currently, Chris heads Burch Creative Capital, which partners with brands such as Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, and Nihiwatu. Chris has boosted the growth of multiple technologies and luxury brands such as Faena Hotel, Poppin, Jawbone, and Voss Water.

Burch’s Investment Portfolio

Chris Burch has investments in real estate projects locally as well as internationally. He has developed lavish homes in Southampton, Palm Beach, Florida, New York, and redeveloped the Faena Hotel in Argentina. His current re-development is Nihiwatu, a luxury resort on Sumba Island in Indonesia. He has contributed toward philanthropic programs at The Sumba Foundation, Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York, NYU Langone, The Henry Street Settlement, The Child Welfare League of China and The China Association of Social Work.

Present day Fashion

Currently, the synthesis of technology and fashion has taken place. Fashion designers delight in creating deliverables with technology. Such use brings a high standard in innovation. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer who merges technology with fashion, says, ‘’technology is a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper into the technology and systems, the reward brings about continuous possibilities.’’

Technology and Fashion Work Together

Fashion and IT have both evolved through the years. One constant factor is that they grow together. Over time, the two industries have become entwined. Technology becomes fashionable, and fashion becomes technologically fashionable showcasing a captivating journey. Sometimes technology needs support to attain recognition from fashion.
For instance, wearing glasses was trendy up until recently. Google Glass, for computer geeks, for example, may be intriguing, but the disgrace of wearing may be a little bit outlandish. For another, the cost of glasses may be too exorbitant. For people who prefer technology without the need to wear glasses, top fashion designer, Diane Von Furstenberg has a solution. Her models wore glasses while on the catwalk. Fashion shows bring out to the latest styles, so accepting Google Glass should be okay in a fashion sense.


Fashion and technology can complement one another and grow together. Chris Burch understands that the future of technology is also the future of fashion. Technology and fashion both work hand-in-hand to bring out the best results. Technology helps to create beautiful style and functional fashion as well. The excitement of the future lies in what both industries learn from each other to make this world a beautiful, imaginative, and protected place in which to thrive.

George Soros Attacked for Standing for the Weak People

The most stylish liberal commentator recently wrote an article about a certain media house making an attack on a certain prominent citizen. Hendrik Hertzberg has been on the field long enough to know when criticism is fair and not fair. He deemed the criticism on George Soros by the Fox television as unfair. He even termed to what the cable network reported about Soros as being lies and a mere witch hunt to a patriotic citizen of the United States of America on Forbes. Hendrik Hertzberg was not satisfied with the 30 seconds advert that had been created by the TV program to show the morality of the program. According to Fox News, they used quotes in a white and black background to show that this individual was not proud to be a Jew and that he was quite anti-Semitic. George Soros was also said to have helped the Nazis prosecute his fellow Jews.

The Fox television managed to carry out this attack using quotes from George Soros book, the World According to George Soros and placing some of the quotes in the show without any context. This way, the TV host managed to bring out a different meaning from what the quotes meant. The show presenter Glenn Beck, is making an attack not only on George Soros but anyone else who stands for liberal causes as well as anti-totalitarianism. Soros is very popular when it comes to funding liberal causes and fighting against the oppression of people all over the world.

Read more: Puppetry

Soros has stood up for several democracies across the world. Currently, he is involved in Burma to ensure that the dictatorial regime comes to an end. Previously, especially last year, George Soros was so determined to see that the European Union came to the aid of the Ukraine in the Russian-Ukraine conflict. George had created a winning strategy for the new Ukraine and in this strategy suggested that more sanctions should be placed on Russia. He also strongly campaigned for Ukraine to be loaned money by the International Monetary Fund.

He mimics the program and says that the only thing that it might have taught the American people is the way George Soros used faked identities and forged document to survive in the Nazi era when living in Hungary as a small boy. The other allegations that he is an evil man who is used to manipulating people to satisfy his ego and interest is not true. In this program, Soros is portrayed as having engineered revolutions and coups around the world in countries like Czech Republic, Georgia, Croatia, Slovakia and even Yugoslavia. The show presenter then asks where he is likely to participate in the toppling of the current government and ridiculed Soros saying maybe it could be in the US. However, despite all this rattling by Fox News about Soros funding revolutions, they left out the point that people in these nations were fighting against communism as well as post-communist dictators.

Learn more about George Soros:

Malini Saba Helps Women and Children in the Globe

Malini Saba is one of the most influential women in the world today. Malini is the founder of an organization known as Stree: Global Investments in Women. Malini is a respected businesswoman who has been quite successful. She was relocated to the United States when she was only nineteen years, and she had to endure several challenges. Apart from being successful in business, Malini is known for her involvement in philanthropic activities.


Saba helps women in the world through her charitable organization, known as Stree. Saba started the foundation so that she could assist the underserved children and females in the world, especially in developing countries. Saba has worked very hard, and she has been lucky to make an impact in the lives of many women. The successful businessman believes that children and women are important for the future, and providing educational and healthcare opportunities for them is imperative. If women and children have a safe environment to live in, their future is brighter.


Malini Saba believes that success is doing what someone loves, and accomplishing everything they need with a smile every passing day. According to her, happiness is the real success, and it only comes when an individual stays true to themselves and also doing what they love most. Money is not the only thing that brings joy.

Saba says her greatest success in life was getting her daughter several years ago. Although she has achieved a lot in her career, her daughter brought everything she needed in life. She was able to understand the reason she had started the foundation and why she had always felt that the world should be better.


The successful businesswoman has one main philosophy: she believes that what has happened in the past cannot never be changed. These things might occur in the personal life or business life of an individual. The most important aspect is reflecting on the past and doing everything to learn from it. At the end of it all, everyone is looking for the path that leads to happiness. It is vital for all people to understand that happiness does not come when a person gets plenty of money or fame. It takes more than that to be happy. If everyone realizes what makes them happy early in life, it is easier to live a fulfilling life. The world will be a better place when everyone is happy. People will also be able to live in harmony in a comfortable environment.


Brazil’s Trade Deficit Is Down By More Than 30 Percent From The 2015 Figures


Brazil’s economy is showing signs of life once again. The figures coming out of Brasilia are still negative, but the export business increase by 1.3 percent in August and the trade deficit shrank by more than 30 percent in the first nine months of 2016. That is the second-best showing since 1997. The growth in exports is an encouraging sign for the businesses in Brazil that ship products to other countries. The automotive industry keeps getting stronger, and the food, drink and tobacco industry are posting positive figures as well. But energy, raw materials, and the non-chemical industries are still having trouble. The economists are still predicting flat GDP growth in 2017, but according to Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the building material supplier, Eucatex, 2017 may surprise those economists.



Foreign investors are feeling better about Brazil. Companies like Microsoft, General Motors, Ford and Google believe there’s money to be made in the largest economy in Latin America, and Maluf agrees with them.  Even though Brazil’s construction business is soft, Maluf’s company is manufacturing more products for countries like Sweden, India, and the United States because of new construction projects in those countries.



Eucatex is an environmentally friendly building supply manufacturer that uses renewable energy in all company factories and offices, a huge advantage for them now that Flavio says the economy is on the rise. The company also owns a eucalyptus tree forest, so it can replace the trees the company uses for some of their branded products. Flavio Maluf is a sought after speaker and environmentalist that helps other companies set up an eco-friendly workplace. President Michel Temer recently signed the Clean Air Agreement and Maluf is one of the entrepreneurs that is bringing the message to businesses in the large Brazilian cities. Eucatex is based in Sao Paulo, and Maluf is very active in improving the air quality and the recycling programs in that city.



Brazil is on the verge of a recovery, and Flavio Maluf is one of the business leaders that is responsible for making that a reality, especially in the state of Sao Paulo.  Follow along with his career, and what Flavio is doing next on his official website:

Highlights of the Career of Flávio Maluf at Eucatex


President of Eucatex in Brazil, Flávio Maluf, has experienced a wonderful career. He has enjoyed being part of the growth of a company that offers both high-quality and environmentally friendly products. He has worked for Eucatex since 1987. After a long and diligent career, he has earned the title of Company President, and that was announced on their website.


Born in 1961, Flávio Maluf is a Brazilian native. He attended school in the United States for a year at the prestigious New York University and graduated with his mechanical engineering degree from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado, (FAAP) in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Family has always been important to him. Shortly before he began his career at Eucatex, he married Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres Coutinho in 1986. Together, the loving couple had a family of 3. Their children have gone on to achieve their own personal successes as well. For example, their 22-year-old daughter went to school for Chemical Engineering in London, their 19-year-old has formed a company and a foundation and their 15-year-old wants to go into the field of engineering and is studying the trade in London.


Throughout his career, Flávio Maluf has seen the company go through much growth. He’s worked in several divisions since his start there in 1987. He began his career in the company’s trade division. He then moved into the industrial division where he worked for 10 years.


In 1996, his uncle who was the president of Eucatex at the time invited Maluf to join the Executive Board. Because of his excellent work on the board, Maluf received the promotion to President in 1997. He’s since worked to create innovative product lines and in 2010, he supervised the inauguration of a new factory in Salto. His focus has always been to keep the company current with the times and modernize management and operations.


Eucatex began in 1951 as the first company in Brazil to take environmental concerns into consideration. They pioneered by using eucalyptus as the raw base material for their panels, sheets and building materials. Their first factory was located in Sao Paulo. Eucatex has grown to produce products like acoustic ceilings, wood fiber sheets for furniture manufacture, insulation and acoustic panels.  Check out Flavio on Facebook for more, or read one of his great columns in Terra about Brazil’s economy, and what the outlook means for the future.