Nourishing The Hair’s Ecosystem With Cleansing Conditioners

Many people worry about ingesting harmful chemicals, but seldom question products applied to skin and scalp. There is, however, a growing concern that harmful chemicals found in beauty products, especially shampoos, are stripping hair of its natural oils and leaving behind a dry, damaged ecosystem that tries to fix itself by overproducing oils. Ever go on a multi-day hike and can’t wait to take a shower because your hair feels greasy, itchy and dirty? Many people can’t go a day without washing their hair for fear they’ll be donning oily locks that readily frizz, flatten or misbehave.

Only added for the psychological reassurance that hair, body, or dishes have been thoroughly cleaned, chemicals that make soap products lather can damage skin and hair by leaving it dry and flaky. When dry, the skin’s ability to block harmful chemicals from entering the body can be compromised. Hair, lacking a lubricant, can become brittle and break. L.A. Stylist Chaz Dean has brought awareness to this issue, as well as a solution. By redefining what it means to have clean and healthy hair, and formulating a product that cleans hair naturally, the addiction to harmful shampoos can be broken. Called cleansing conditioners, these products do more with less.  Hair looks shiny and feels nourished because healthy oils are kept in the hair’s ecosystem, not stripped away. For over a decade now, WEN cleansing conditioners have helped people break their addiction to harmful shampoos. Today, people can clean, treat and style their hair naturally and holistically, without fear of damage.

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