Mike Baur: His Corporate and Social Impact, Achievements and Interests

When reading about Mike Baur, one cannot help but be impressed by his achievements. He has a trailblazing record, not only at the corporate level but also on a social level as he has great impact on the lives of many, especially the youth in Switzerland. His experience in the banking sector spans out for 20 years, rising from a commercial apprentice at UBS to becoming a board member at a Private Bank in Switzerland. His main vision is to, “Inspire and Impact the people of Switzerland to start their own Startup ideas.”

He holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive M.B.A from the University of Bern, Switzerland. He is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman at The Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich. In addition, he is the Director and Co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association and the Deputy Managing Director at the Swiss Startup Invest. Mike Baur’s proficiency is in accelerating the growth of startups by transforming ideas into effective organizational structures and systems.

After quitting the banking sector, he set up The Swiss Startup Factory together with Max Meister and Oliver Waltzer with an aim of ensuring startups in Switzerland get financing, build a business network, get office space, and have access to mentorship and coaching. He focuses on businesses in the digital sphere where through his company, he is able to accelerate their growth through financing, coaching and mentoring. He believes that out of small ideas, the youth in Switzerland can foster a digital transformation and build the next big Swiss companies. Some of the startup businesses he has helped mentor through his company’s incubation program are Carcodex, My Insurance and Darwin Pricing.

Seeing as Mike Baur is passionate about mentoring and encouraging the youth, he occasionally gives talks in Universities, small and medium businesses and startup events. He describes himself as a sports lover with a bias in hockey and tennis. Mike’s experience in both the banking world and the startup world has seen him reap the fruits of his hard work as he is viewed as a valuable asset for business and as a mentor for the youth.

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