Lori Senecal Moves in a Global CEO

Lori Senecal is an interesting global CEO, see lorisenecalglobalceo.com. She works for CP & B, and she has become one of the most successful marketing agents of this era. Much of what Lori Senecal is doing has a lot to do with the way that she was raised. She grew up in Canada, and Lori has stated that she was the baby of 4 daughters. This would be something that would give her a chance to see the talent of her other sisters on display as they grew up before her. She would get a chance to see what they were doing and this would help her to gain a sense of motivation on her own.

There are some strong work influences that come with what her parents did. They were really big on having a strong work ethic. There strong work habits would be the cornerstone of the marketing expertise and dedication that she will put towards marketing campaigns in her adult life.

Forbes Magazine describes Lori Senecal as a person that would see both her father and mother working diligently in different areas of business. At one time her father was in commercial banking, and he owned a retail store at another time during her upbringing. The mother worked in education, and she was also very creative. These would be the things that would unfold in the life of Lori Senecal and give her a sense of appreciation for the world of commerce and the world of art. This would be vital to her role as a marketing executive that would create major campaigns for companies like Kraft.

There are lots of people that are interested in what Lori Senecal does for business. She is an industry powerhouse that has managed to move in a big way with the CP & B Marketing agency. She has continued to be a strong tower that is known for helping companies expand. This is what she has done best over the years. Lori has taken some relatively small companies and helped these companies grow in a tremendous way. That is why she has been put into a global position. She knows how to manage multiple offices, and she has the ability to oversee and coach teams in a productive way. Her experience in marketing speaks volumes, and that is why she was hand-picked to lead the way for CP & B as global CEO.

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