Kim Dao’s Harajuku Outing

Beauty and lifestyle Youtuber, Kim Dao, has a well documented Japanese vlogging history. On “kimdaovlog”, her second Youtube channel, she frequently uploads a first hand look into Japan through her many journeys. A recent video detailed a trip to Harajuku, the world renowned fashion district in Shibuya, Tokyo. Joining Kim Dao in the video was her friend, Sunnydahye, who is a popular Youtuber in her own right.


Their first agenda for the day was a stop at an all you can eat okonomiyaki restaurant. Accompanied by some more friends, they each placed their orders. Kim Dao’s three okonomiyaki choices were kimchi, mochi, and cheese.


They next made their way to a character goods store. Kim Dao and Sunnydahye found amusement in printed boxers featuring characters Pokemon, Nintendo, and Disney.


In the mood to satisfy their sweet tooth, they entered a shop called Candy A Go Go!, which sold sweets such as macaroons in a jar and a particularly large duck. Then Kim Dao and company lined up for some ice cream. Her flavor of choice was a delicious corn.


With the day still not over, they ventured into a toy store and stopped by for pictures at a purikura. Some downtime at Starbucks provided an opportunity for refreshments and Pokemon GO. As night fell, Kim Dao and Sunnydahye took the train to Tokyo to meet up with more friends for a satisfying dinner at a restaurant.

Follow her on Twitter: @kimdaoblog

Watch Kim Dao’s A Day in Harajuku | Okonomiyaki & Shopping ft. Sunnydahye.

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