Jim Larkin And His Laboring Life

Jim Larkin is well known for his role in organizing unions in Ireland. He grew up in the poor slums of Liverpool; and this no doubt had an affect on his life. He did not get to continue his education for long because he was forced to work to help his family with money. Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

He started working on the docks and quickly worked his way up the ranks. Started a union in his country would turn out to be a driving force in securing better work conditions. Although the union fell apart he still continued organizing and fighting for better conditions during his life.

Larkin became committed to helping workers receive better treatment at their jobs. He joined a union of dock laborers and this choice led him to become an organizer himself.

He left his home town for Dublin a few years later. It was here that he formed his own union. He lead several strikes for better working conditions and pay.

He launched his own paper called the Irish Working and it was successful. Not long after the paper launch he grew his union by thousands of members. With so many members the union had to be recognized and listened to by others.

Jim Larkin was a driven man and that drive took him to the United States later in his career. It seems he had another agenda that he wanted to work on besides running a paper and his union. Larkin had decided he wanted to travel and take his message across the waters.