Jeff Yastine Sees Three Amazon Competitors Stock Doing Very Well In 2018

Jeff Yastine became an editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015. He edits a monthly financial publication called Total Wealth Insider. He writes about hidden opportunities in stocks that can be exploited for big gains. He has been a financial journalist for many years and was once nominated for an Emmy.

Towards the end of 2017 he had recommended that investors put their money in Embraer, a giant Brazilian manufacturer of planes. He said that it had a number of very attractive contracts with both government militaries and civilian aircraft companies. He was saying that he saw them being bought out. Sure enough, at the end of 2017 Boeing became a suitor of the company. The people who owned Embraer saw their stock value shoot up by 30% on the news of this mergers and acquisitions deal in the making.

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For 2018, Jeff Yastine says that he’s expecting some merger and acquisition activity this year in the American retail industry. As companies try to compete with the behemoth Amazon many of them are more likely to meet with success if they join up, he says. One company he expects to be bought out by a larger competitor in 2018 is eBay, Inc. While there are several companies interested in buying this company, Jeff Yastine thinks Google is the company most likely to buy eBay. The reason for this is that if Google wants to compete with Amazon they need an internet retail arm to the company.

Kroger Co. is another company that Jeff Yastine sees being bought out. He says that their stock has fallen 35% from the highs of 2017 because many investors are worried they can’t compete with Amazon. He thinks these fears are very much overblown. He says that it’s a company strong with organic foods which customers are increasingly looking for. They are also updating their technology in their retail stores to compete better.

The third Amazon competitor he points to is W.W. Grainger Inc. It’s not so much a retailer as it is an industrial supplier but Jeff Yastine says they do compete with Amazon. He says this company’s stock also fell in 2017 for no good reason as it is a strong and successful company with considerable profits. He thinks they’ll be a buy-out target as they have a national network of distribution centers and warehouses that makes them attractive.

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