Jeff Yastine Champions Three Stocks

Jeff Yastine recently recommended three stocks that he feels have the greatest potential to diversify your portfolio in 2018, based on their ability to take on electronic commerce giant, Amazon, in regards to the retail sector, as well as the fact that larger companies may be in the market to purchase them, considering this year is primed for a large number of significant mergers and acquisitions. Jeff Yastine’s foresight was once again proven to be accurate, as he already made good on his predictions when whispers regarding a potential merger between Boeing and Embraer began surfacing. The talk of a merger between the two aircraft companies created a one-third increase in stock price for Embraer, and in February, it was said that a mutually beneficial deal had been struck.

Kroger is the first of the recommended stocks to look for according to Jeff Yastine, as, despite the fact that the share price of the grocery store chain dropped one-third third, which was in response to Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, they have taken the right steps to remain competitive. It was also discovered that, although Amazon acquired Whole Foods, prices largely remained unchanged, while quality dipped. Today, Kroger operates close to 3,000 grocery stores throughout the United States, and as there are plans to implement automated checkout systems this year, overhead expenses can be cut in dramatic fashion. Kroger is also a major supplier of organic foods, which is a plus considering the increased demand for such products in recent years. Read this article at about Jeff Yastine

eBay is also a stock to keep watch of, as the auction site has already garnered a significant amount of loyal consumers, consisting of a variety of buyers and sellers. It is currently listed as one of the top Amazon alternatives regarding online retail and includes a number of warehouses with full order fulfillment services. If a company such as Google decides to become involved in the acquisition of eBay, it could become the direct rival of Amazon.

W.W. Grainger is the final option recommended by Jeff Yastine but may be one of the best stocks to look into, as their price has recently fallen due to fear of its ability to compete with Amazon. Its infrastructure makes it a formidable opponent for the electronic commerce company, as a company looking to combat Amazon’s dominance, would need storage and distribution facilities nationwide, which Grainger currently has.

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