How The Lung Institute Is Helping Patients With Lung Complications Heal With Advanced Scientific Solutions

Herbert K. is one of the many recipients of Lung Institute’s expert services. Before seeking their stem cell therapy solutions, Herbert was an energetic man who enjoyed cultivating his lawn and helping in other homely chores. He developed COPD which rendered him with a lung capacity of 15 percent. As a result, the regular duties became daunting, living him and his family depressed and worried. When they learned about the Lung Institute,, they booked a stem cell therapy session which Herbert reported to have improved his breathing and upped his energy levels. There are hundreds of people who have benefited from the innovative treatment from Lung Institute to heal a variety of lung ailments such as asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis and interstitial lung disease.

Stem cell therapy’s technique uses multipotent cells that can differentiate into diverse cell types needed for lung regeneration and repair of the lung tissue. The practitioners fetch the cells from the body and implant them into the affected lung area. As the cells embed themselves onto the tissue, the lung gradually repairs and regenerates itself. The cells have to be part of another part of the lung To treat the lungs. The medical experts design the therapy to instruct the cells to produce blood by cooperating with the bone marrow.

Currently, there are a handful of certified stem cell therapy hospitals in the United States. The Lung Institute is one of the top medical facilities specialized in the regeneration of lung cells and tissues. According to Cedars-Sinai report from the firm’s research team, approximately 85 percent of patients suffering from COPD receive satisfactory treatment from their stem cell therapy. Currently, it caters to the medical needs of more than 3000 patients. Lung Institute began operating in 2013 from its Tampa, Florida headquarter office. It has additional offices in Dallas, Texas, Pittsburgh, Ariz, Scottsdale, Tennessee and Nashville. Visit for more info.

Jack Coleman, the managing director of Lung Institute, stated that stem cell technology is the future of medicine. He added that the Lung Institute has a determination to give patients safe and excellent treatments to alienate their pain and improve their quality of life.