Harry Harrison Interview

A man of many successes and vast industry experience, Harry Harrison is the quintessence of a well-rounded and diverse businessman. Earning degrees from both the University of Cambridge and the University of Warwick, Harrison is exceedingly cultivated. Well versed in finance and economics, Harrison was destined to make it big in the financial sector. According to Harrison, it was “hard to imagine a career in anything but financial services.” Given his highly sought-after insight and keen understandings of business affairs, Harrison’s calling suited him.

During the early stages of his career, Harrison served as an executive for Barclays Non-Core. Headquartered in London, Barclays Non-Core sought to aid individuals with their investments while protecting their assets. When Harrison left the company in 2017, he wasted no time dipping his toes into entrepreneurial waters. As a result, his financial services and advisory firm, Anthemis Group, came to fruition. Harrison maintains that the concept for the company stemmed from his desire to delve into the entrails of starting a business.

Above all else, Harrison was keen to discover what “macroeconomic forces make markets function.” His company has proven wildly successful on all fronts. These days, Harrison spends much of his day enjoying quality family time. His wife, who is also a successful entrepreneur, serves as Harrison’s inspiration. While staying home with his children, Harrison enjoys working as a freelance consultant. Some areas he advises on include financial technology, venture capital, and private equity. Harrison continues to serve as an influential member in his trade and is humbled by his illustrious status.