Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western, LLC was founded in 1970 and specializes in the exploration and extraction of domestic oil and gas. The company is based out of Dallas but, they have a presence in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. They are the Managing Venture of Oil and Gas General Partnerships. Matthew Fleeger is the President and CEO of the company. Fleeger is a highly regarded and respected individual in the oil and gas industry. Fleeger, before becoming CEO and President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC, founded a medical waste transportation and disposal company named MedSolutions, Inc. He is renowned for his entrepreneurial abilities, strategic planning, team building, and contract negotiation skills.

In a nutshell, Gulf Coast Western searches for companies in the oil and gas industry that have advantages of both location and infrastructure. The company’s resources are primarily focused on the Gulf Coast region of the United States but, they are looking to expand throughout the United States in the future. The partnerships that Gulf Coast forms are based on transparency, honesty, and integrity, according to their company’s mission statement. The company’s partnerships include more than one thousand accredit collaborations. One of their recent partnerships in Louisiana is with Orbit Energy Partners and Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration. The partnership has expanded its drilling explorations for thousands of square miles and given them access to many more wells in Southwest Louisiana. These two partnerships alone will come along with 13 producing wells and 140 defined drilling locations. The estimated amount of oil to be produced from these sites is around 30 million barrels. Another partnership with Northcote Energy Ltd. will produce over 4 million barrels of oil. This partnership as well will come along with a multiple well drilling possibility. Many of the sites that Gulf Coast Western will be operating in Louisiana are adjacent to each other which will maximize production.