Gino Pozzo Contribution to Watford Club

Gino Pozzo has gained a high reputation because of managing lackluster low football clubs and for helping them to get to the top level leagues in their various home nations. Gino owns Watford Football club in England. He has remained as one of the top characters that are talked of in the European football venues up to today.

Gino is the son of footballers Giampaolo and Guliana Pozzo. He grew up in Italy. At 18, Gino moved to the United States to undertake his masters from Harvard University. The Pozzo family bough Watford club in 2012 which had challenges with finances and was finding it difficult to get out of the fourth division since 1980s when where it landed the level.

Gino said that during the time they bought Watford they had faith that the club would become the top project for their future and this was due to the abilities in English sports. This strategy meant sense because the premier league is known by many people as the most prestigious football league globally.

The purchase of Watford made the Pozzo family become the only family worldwide to possess three sports clubs in Italy, Spain and England at the same time. This made the wall street journal to write a story in 2015 calling the Pozzos European soccer’s ascendant. Three clubs of Pozzo competed in their home country’s top leagues in 2015. Udinese was competing for their 20th year in the competitions since it became under the management of Pozzo.

Watford was successful in rising from fourth division to enter into the premiere champions within a period of four years under the board of Pozzo. Gino has been able to stand in the evolving goal in sports because he uses a scout enhanced strategy in controlling the operations of the clubs, and players were sold for free within the family clubs thus being a merit to each other.