George Soros Attacked for Standing for the Weak People

The most stylish liberal commentator recently wrote an article about a certain media house making an attack on a certain prominent citizen. Hendrik Hertzberg has been on the field long enough to know when criticism is fair and not fair. He deemed the criticism on George Soros by the Fox television as unfair. He even termed to what the cable network reported about Soros as being lies and a mere witch hunt to a patriotic citizen of the United States of America on Forbes. Hendrik Hertzberg was not satisfied with the 30 seconds advert that had been created by the TV program to show the morality of the program. According to Fox News, they used quotes in a white and black background to show that this individual was not proud to be a Jew and that he was quite anti-Semitic. George Soros was also said to have helped the Nazis prosecute his fellow Jews.

The Fox television managed to carry out this attack using quotes from George Soros book, the World According to George Soros and placing some of the quotes in the show without any context. This way, the TV host managed to bring out a different meaning from what the quotes meant. The show presenter Glenn Beck, is making an attack not only on George Soros but anyone else who stands for liberal causes as well as anti-totalitarianism. Soros is very popular when it comes to funding liberal causes and fighting against the oppression of people all over the world.

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Soros has stood up for several democracies across the world. Currently, he is involved in Burma to ensure that the dictatorial regime comes to an end. Previously, especially last year, George Soros was so determined to see that the European Union came to the aid of the Ukraine in the Russian-Ukraine conflict. George had created a winning strategy for the new Ukraine and in this strategy suggested that more sanctions should be placed on Russia. He also strongly campaigned for Ukraine to be loaned money by the International Monetary Fund.

He mimics the program and says that the only thing that it might have taught the American people is the way George Soros used faked identities and forged document to survive in the Nazi era when living in Hungary as a small boy. The other allegations that he is an evil man who is used to manipulating people to satisfy his ego and interest is not true. In this program, Soros is portrayed as having engineered revolutions and coups around the world in countries like Czech Republic, Georgia, Croatia, Slovakia and even Yugoslavia. The show presenter then asks where he is likely to participate in the toppling of the current government and ridiculed Soros saying maybe it could be in the US. However, despite all this rattling by Fox News about Soros funding revolutions, they left out the point that people in these nations were fighting against communism as well as post-communist dictators.

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  1. Hendrik Hertzberg defended Gorge Soros in the wake of attacks that he hated the State of Israel. Hendrik Hertzberg says that the program didn’t teach Americans so much about Soros. That is also what has been able to gather and it makes sense that it had worked so well for them.

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