Fagali ‘I Airport

     Fagali Airport serves the country of Samoa, known as the cradle of Polynesia. Fagali was previously owned by both Polyenesia Airlines and the government of Samoa. The landing strip, once just grass, was paved over on July 6, 2002. Decommissioned because of the noise in 2005, Polynesian Airlines decided to reopen the airport in 2009 to include international flights. The airport is presently owned by the Samoa Airport Authority. It’s a small, comfortable airport with a gift shop. You can’t eat at the airport. Try a nice restaurant nearby to satisfy your taste..

The Samoan airport can fly people locally to places as local as Upolu and Apia to as far away as Phoenix, Ariz, in the United States. Some of the popular flights to the United States include Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York city, Dallas, and others for a price of around $100.

There are four airlines that operate from Fagali Airport. America Samoa makes round trip flights from the United States to Samoa. Once you arrive from the Untied States to Samoa, you’ll find a convenient money exchange office at the Fagali Airport to change your money to Samoan tālā.

The Fagali Airport is named for the Fagali’i village, located on Upolu Island. If you plan to visit this time of year, the temperature is a very comfortable high 83 degrees F and low 68 degrees F. Samos has cab service to and from your hotel if you desire. All the hotels are rated four and five stars. The resorts and hotels are located at the beach and near the ocean. All hotels are specially priced from $53 to under $250 per night, depending on your budget. The hotels have their own inground, outdoor swimming pools. There are many hotels in the vicinity of the airport.