Fagali Airport Is The Major Attraction Feature In The Entire Island

Located on the islands of Somoa, Fagali Airport is the major attraction feature in the entire island. The island is made up of a small community of people with little number of shops and homes. The airport was initially under the operation and ownership of the local government. During this period, it was majorly used for military purposes. Soon afterwards, it was closed because of complaints of environmental and noise violations. It was abandoned for several years before it was reopened by Polynesian Airlines and renamed Fagali Airport. The airport currently has a capacity for local and international travel and hosts several airlines.

The airlines available in the airport are Somoa Air, Pogo Pogo Air, and South Pacific Airways. Local travelers can travel to Pogo Pogo and other destinations in the Somoa Islands. For international travelers, there are available flights to Europe, Africa and America. Due to the extensive security measures offered in the airport, it is considered to be among the safest facilities for flying in the entire world. To ensure that the flight is safe even when in the air, the airport security officials thoroughly search the luggage carried by the passengers. Although the security checks in the airport are pretty extensive, it is not invasive to your personal privacy in any way. These safety measures have earned Fagali Airport awards and several rewards.

There are a number of amenities in Fagali Airport such as a gift shop, cafeteria, vending machines, and a full service restaurant. You will also be able to get refreshed in between flights due to the presence of several restrooms. Millions of passengers travel through Fagali Airport every single year and in addition to that, around 30,000 flights depart the airport each year. Do not be fooled by the small size of the airport. Regardless of its small size, the airport draws huge crowds and is considered to be among the busiest airports in the globe.

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  1. But for the easy means of transportation, I was excited that the then airport was shutdown. I believe health should come first before wealth. However the downside of the closure of the airport, tourists were not frequent as they are now that Fagali Airport is in operation. This site reviews why you should fly from this airport and I think after reading their review I am convinced flying from Fagali Airport is very safe.

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