Eli Gershkovitch And Canadian Craft Beer


After Prohibition swept through Canada, many breweries and beers became available. Some of these breweries and beers are still around today, and some newer breweries and beers have touched the soul of all Canadians, including visitors.


One of the most popular beers today is the Lake Lager. This beer is provided by the Brick Brewing Company. What makes Lake Lager different from all other beers is that it is distributed colder than all other beers in Canada. Additionally, Lake Lager comes with no aftertaste at all, and Lake Lager has been brewed in a way that it does not bloat the stomach. The working-class of Canada craves this beer on a daily basis.


Another great Canadian craft beer is All Or Nothing, which is brewed by the All Or Nothing Brewhouse. People in Canada rave about this beer because of its aroma. As soon as the bottle is opened, the atmosphere is filled with scents of bubblegum and banana. The beer itself sparkles like diamonds, and it has a rich gold color to it. The taste of this beer is equivalent to watermelon and strawberries. There is even evidence that this beer promotes an energetic lifestyle. People in Canada love drinking this beer during the summer and while watching sports.


An additional fantastic Canadian craft beer is Ambear Red Ale, and it is brewed by Cameron’s Brewing Company. Ambear Red Ale has won several awards for being voted the best beer in Canada. It takes its name from its red wine color. This beer is special because of how the flavor changes with each sip. The first few sips will taste like citrus, and the next few sips will have a sweet vegetable taste to it. This beer is also known for promoting a happy attitude. Canadians always choose this beer when they are dining or eating fast food.


The most famous brewery of all is the Steamworks Brewery, which is run by Eli Gershkovitch. Eli Gershkovitch began Steamworks Brewery in the early 90’s. It was discovered that several old pipes existed underground. Eli Gershkovitch had the idea to build a brewery run solely by steam (Manta). Several architects and construction companies were able to make this a reality.


Steamworks Brewery is known for making potent beer due to the immediate delivery of steam (https://www.manta.com/ic/mtqs8v5/ca/gershkovitch-eli-a-law-corporation). Steamworks Brewery is known to Canadians as a freestyle brewery because you never know what type of beer you will find when you enter the brewery. They may have their famous Pale Ale available, or they may have their famous Cucumber Ale. They also custom make beer right on the spot.


Before opening a brewery, Eli Gershkovitch was a pilot while attending law school. During law school, Eli Gershkovitch always went for a drink with friends. However, Eli Gershkovitch was looking for something more than beers from traditional breweries. Hearing about the possibility of powering a brewery on steam was a dream come true for Eli Gershkovitch. He knew he could serve beer that was abnormal but that would become normal, and even award-winning, in a short period of time.