Canada is internationally known for their craft beer. Renowned beer brands are being shunned for the taste of unique craft beer brands especially in Canada, Europe, and America. Most entrepreneurs like Eli Gershkovitch choose to brew craft beer in their breweries. Eli is the CEO of Steamworks which is among the best craft beer breweries in the world.


Apart from Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks, there are other well-known breweries from across the world. In Canada, the leading craft beer brewers come from the city of Ontario. Cameron’s Brewing is one of the leading manufacturers of craft beer. The brewery led a 2017 beer competition which was held in the U.S. Among the brands that Cameron produces includes the popular One-Eyed Grouse. This beer belongs to the bitter beer group. Another type of craft beer that the company produces is the Captain’s Log Lager which belongs to the larger category.


About Eli Gershkovitch


Eli Gershkovitch is a career lawyer who decided to venture into craft brewery. When he visited Germany’s Heidelberg’s area, a beer was the furthest thing from his mind. However, he got to taste a craft beer, and the unique concoction was far from the popular brands he was used to in Canada. That is when he decided to abandon his law aspirations for a career in craft beer brewery.


In 1995, Eli Gershkovitch opened his first brewpub in his home town in Gas town. This was the first craft beer company that used the steam-power brewery technique. Gershkovitch’s background in law really paid off while setting up this initial business. This was because establishing a steam brewing business included challenges that other entrepreneurs were not willing to take up. Although the brewpub managed to become one of the most popular outlets in Vancouver, it was only until 2013 that it graduated into a full brewery (Manta). Steamworks has managed to gunner many awards and accolades over the years.


Steamworks also produces popular craft beer brands they include Lion’s Gate Lager which belongs to the larger category (https://gazetteday.com/2017/08/eli-gershkovitch-steamworks/). It also produces Steamworks Pale Ale which belongs to the category of craft beer. The company also has a Pilsner brand which is very popular among its clients. The company also has an unfiltered IPA brand which has a tropical taste; this craft beer has a sweet flavor which later graduates to a rather bitter one. It combines the Mosaic, Galaxy, and Southern-Hemisphere hops-Citra