Randal Nardone Started Fortress Investment Group to Help Others

Since starting Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone knew there were things he could do that would help people understand the positive sides to invest. He also knew there were times where he’d have to use his professional experience to help people understand all the issues they had to look at. He always wanted people to realize they were doing things right and they were coming up with positive options for investors. He didn’t want people to fear the process of investing. Instead, he wanted more interest in it and he wanted everyone to know they had a chance to try things they might not have had a chance to do in the past.

It was Randal Nardone‘s goal to keep showing others what they could do and how they could make a difference. Between the work he put into the business and the work his partners put in, Randal made sure everything worked well for all his clients. Those who needed his help would get more out of the experiences and would see positive options that came directly from everything they were doing. It was everything he knew how to do and he always looked at the positive experiences of doing a great job on his own.

By the time Randal Nardone saw what people were doing and how they were making a difference, he could bring attention to so many different issues. He could also make things easier on those who needed his help. It gave him a chance to show others they could use his experience and use the things that would happen to them. For Randal Nardone, the point of helping everyone is something he knows how to do so he can give back to everyone who came to the company for his help. Randal Nardone likes giving people a positive experience no matter what.

Even though Nardone knows that not all experiences with investing will be positive, he knows there are precautions he can take to make the experiences better. He always spent a lot of time learning about the right way to help and the things he needed to do to bring improvements to the industry. If he could keep helping other people, he’d make sure he had all the best options for people who needed them. Investing is an art and Nardone uses Fortress Investment Group to help teach that art to people who may not know.


Fagali ‘I Airport

     Fagali Airport serves the country of Samoa, known as the cradle of Polynesia. Fagali was previously owned by both Polyenesia Airlines and the government of Samoa. The landing strip, once just grass, was paved over on July 6, 2002. Decommissioned because of the noise in 2005, Polynesian Airlines decided to reopen the airport in 2009 to include international flights. The airport is presently owned by the Samoa Airport Authority. It’s a small, comfortable airport with a gift shop. You can’t eat at the airport. Try a nice restaurant nearby to satisfy your taste..

The Samoan airport can fly people locally to places as local as Upolu and Apia to as far away as Phoenix, Ariz, in the United States. Some of the popular flights to the United States include Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York city, Dallas, and others for a price of around $100.

There are four airlines that operate from Fagali Airport. America Samoa makes round trip flights from the United States to Samoa. Once you arrive from the Untied States to Samoa, you’ll find a convenient money exchange office at the Fagali Airport to change your money to Samoan tālā.

The Fagali Airport is named for the Fagali’i village, located on Upolu Island. If you plan to visit this time of year, the temperature is a very comfortable high 83 degrees F and low 68 degrees F. Samos has cab service to and from your hotel if you desire. All the hotels are rated four and five stars. The resorts and hotels are located at the beach and near the ocean. All hotels are specially priced from $53 to under $250 per night, depending on your budget. The hotels have their own inground, outdoor swimming pools. There are many hotels in the vicinity of the airport.

Alexandre Gama Finds Success in Advertising

     One of Brazil’s more prominent figures within entrepreneurship is name Alexandre Gama. As a creative professional who believes strongly in effective communications, Alexandre Gama found his path to success in the business of advertising. He made quite the name for himself by founding a company by the name of Neogama. Neogama, which Mr. Gama created in 1999, has since become one of the most successful and well-respected Brazilian advertising agencies.

Alexandre Game, however, isn’t just the agency’s founder. He also make many important decisions as the CEO and CCO of his agency. Although many business take a lot of time to find success, Neogama managed to defy these expectations. The first three years that his agency was in business saw Neogama grow at a breathtaking pace, faster than any other Brazilian advertising company was growing at the time.

Fast growth, however, wasn’t the only thing that Neogama would impress its onlookers with. In 2002, Alexandre Gama pushed his agency forward even further by striking up a deal with BBH, an already booming advertising business with its headquarters in London, England. Together these two agencies formed Neogama/BBH. Neogama/BBH was so successful in 2002 that a newspaper by the name of Meio e Mensagem bestowed it the honor of its “Agency of the Year”