Rocketship Education Makes Dreams Come True

There are many elementary school children and their parents who are thanking Rocketship Education for their good fortune. Rocketship Education is a non-profit elementary public charter school that locates its facilities in economically deprived areas. Rocketship is able to fill the void where education availability is poor or non-existent.

In many of these types of areas the tax base has eroded to the extent that there is no funding for quality education and students are left in the lurch when it comes to excellence in education.

This is where Rocketship shines. Communities are delighted to find out that Rocketship Education wants to come to their area. The track record of Rocketship Education is all that is needed to get the attention of the local community and parents. Where Rocketship shines is their ability to forge partnerships with the community and the parents. This creates a real open-door policy when it comes to a transparency that is needed in education today.

Parents are excited that there is a chance for their children to get a quality education and they are happy to become involved to the extent that they are able. Some simply want to encourage their children and be a force in that area. Others want to be more active as leaders and have a voice in the community educational format.

Classroom activity is fun and exciting at Rocketship, as the Rocketeers, as the students are called become involved in their lessons. Rather than the traditional routine classrooms of students sitting in one place most of the time, there is a different format. While there are some larger meetings used for informational needs, the bulk of the time students is in small groups. digital labs, and one on one tutoring.

Rocketship believes that each student harbors tremendous potential, and by unlocking that potential, students can see for themselves all of the wonderful paths they can follow in their journey. Each student has an educational map that they follow by reaching specific objectives along the way.

The results speak for themselves, as the average Rocketeer has enough credits to graduate a full year ahead of their peers in public schools.