Securus Technologies: Leading in Revolutionary Communication in the Inmate’s Industry

The founding of Securus Technologies marked the beginning of better communication services in the corrections industry. From 1975 when it was established, clients have given positive feedback regarding the company’s ability to provide safety measures to the corrections industry. This has been a leading selling point for Securus Technologies. Until now, the renowned firm continues to gain momentum through its service delivery scope.


The Background Look


Securus Technologies has been providing unmatched products and services. These services are better enjoyed by clients in the law enforcement field as well. To reiterate the firm’s competent nature in the industry, clients gave feedback. The feedback could not be ignored as it reflected the firm’s capability to provide for its clients.



  • One client was elated by the service delivery scope because it was possible to track down an offender. This was effective due to Securus’ high-tech device that tracked the offender’s mischievous call.


  • Another client was impressed by the gadget that monitors calls. The client was specific about the caller being an inmate who was planning to break the rules. Fortunately, the conversation was tracked and the offender punished.


  • A third client stated that Securus Technologies has great vision. This is because until now, Securus Technologies has served the company by providing reliable gadgets to not only track vital information but also incorporate safety.


  • Another client was impressed by Securu’s input as the company is always up-to-date with investigative information. This initiative is accredited to Securus Technologies.



Company Profile


Securus Technologies is a renowned service provider for detainee services. The company covers communications in governments, management solutions and inmate’s monitoring. As a leading provider of comprehensive and innovative solutions, Securus Technologies ensures dedication and customer responsiveness throughout the business year. Under the leadership of Robert Pickens the president, Securus Technologies continues to thrive.

Securus Technologies Cares About Inmates

We are moving into a culture that has a growing respect for entrepreneurs who look into social entrepreneurship. This is the mindset that one can use their business to not only make money, but provide some sort of product that makes the world a vastly greater place to live in. Some do this by taking care of a need. Others do this by stopping an evil. Securus Technologies is the second one.


They won my respect as I began to research what drives them. What drives them is the passion to decrease the crime that inmates commit to one another. They have accomplished this by creating technologies that can investigate inmate activity, correct them in behavior, and monitor what they are doing. Because they have broken the mold in these areas, they are now the leading provider in technology for correctional facilities.


Over 2,000 facilities in the United States of America use Securus Technologies, with another 2,000 facilities in Canada using the same products. Securus Technologies has been able to create a system that is capable of searching and locking contraband cell phones. In addition to this, they create technologies that make it easier for guards to see potential crimes in advance.


I love how Securus Technologies is constantly seeking ways to stop these needless deaths. They have invested 600 million dollars to create brand new technologies and acquire new patents. This investing has paid off. Securus Technologies can produce a brand new product every week. These products make law enforcement and officers in the jail feel safer and help them investigate quicker.


I am so glad that Securus Technologies is a one of those businesses with a heart. It is because they are passionate about these people that they are able to protect them from others in the facility.