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Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investor from Brazil. He is currently retired but continues his work of helping new and young organizations climb up the ladder success. Igor passion for economics developed when he was in university, and he decided to change his course from engineering to economics. His contribution to commerce is seen from his work with different companies. Brazilian market state pushed him more to become an investor and want to help others. He worked for different organizations but later built his own company, Bainbridge investments. Bainbridge provides a platform for upcoming businesses to acquire knowledge on the market state and have a better understanding of the investment market.

Igor Cornelsen focuses on damaged goods. Such investments are of high profit since their market value is low and once they stabilize they will be no going back. Income will rise at a steady rate. Igor also invests in companies that will have great returns in the future. His advice to most individuals is to avoid businesses that are lagging and will not earn anything a few years later. Cornelsen urges new business set up not to invest in companies with immediate gains. His plan as an experienced investor is to let the growth of the business have a great impact on the investment one has made.

Igor Cornelsen is a great advisor, and many individuals and institutions get help from him. Igor encourages people to make the right investment choices. One should have a backup plan in case a business plan you had fails. A good investor is one who can understand his market and make deals with long term gains. Igor Cornelsen has made a great contribution in the Brazil market. Brazil is currently the second largest investment country due to its exposure to other countries and its large market stock. Igor Cornelsen is very grateful for his work in e-commerce and his ability to help.

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