Rebel Wilson had a unique birthday celebration on the 2nd of March. The day marked her 35th year on earth, and Rebel Wilson simply looked stunning. The Australian born actress has been making headlines since the beginning of the year after the success of her recent film, Isn’t It Romantic.

The film was a romantic comedy that featured Rebel Wilson as the lead actress starring alongside other prominent actors like Liam Hemsworth. This was Rebel Wilson’s first lead role in Hollywood, and her performance was breathtaking.

Rebel acted as Natalie, a young architect in the city of New York who was undermined by her mother while growing up. Natalie loved rom-coms, but her mother made her cynical of them after telling Rebel that girls like her would never find true love. As a result, Rebel has grown up to be withdrawn and loves keeping to herself. She has never experienced love, and the movie shows her journey to finding love.

Rebel Wilson’s birthday was simple yet unique. She has amazing friends who decided to surprise her with a day out. The party started at Milk Bar where the group baked a birthday cake for Rebel Wilson. A picture of Rebel and her friends posing with the cake was later shared on Instagram and Rebel proceeded to thank Milk Bar for their contribution.

In the photo, Rebel is at the forefront posing on top of a table with a radiant smile on. She looks happy and contented with what they baked. After the baking lesson, Rebel’s apartment was the next destination point. They relaxed at home eating some pizza and enjoying each other’s company. With summer approaching, the group decided to burn off some calories doing some workout routine.

The exercise acquired the name catzercise due to the cat costumes that Rebel and her friends were dressed in.The exercise involved a dance routine that was 30 minutes long, and Rebel was happy with what they did. She shared videos of them exercising and also several pictures of them posing in their cat costumes. Rebel told her fans to embrace the new form of exercise if they were interested in a hot summer body.

This exercise marked the end of Rebel’s birthday who was grateful to her friends for the surprise. Rebel Wilson has worked hard over the years to get to where she is right now.

Success did not come to her overnight, but she worked hard to achieve it. She started her acting career back home in Australia where she attended the Australian Theater for Young People. It is from the theater that Rebel finally realized her place in acting and began trying different roles.

Rebel Wilson is naturally funny, and it is this aspect of her personality that attracts people to her. Comedy never crossed her mind while acting but after an episode in a theater everything changed.

Rebel had gotten on stage to perform, and before she even said anything people began laughing, she was mad at first but later on took this to her advantage. She decided to incorporate humor in her roles, and it is working perfectly for her.

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