Hussain Sajwani, the owner & CEO of DAMAC, is Creating Property Overlooking the Beautiful Dubai Canal

DAMAC Properties released information recently about another luxury development that will overlook the Dubai Canal. This luxury housing property will offer one and two bedroom apartments all promising a view in Business Bay, Reva Residences.

Hussain Sajwani, the owner, and CEO of DAMAC is known for producing properties with exuberant add-ons that will provide the best living arrangements possible. This new property overlooking the Dubai Canal will be accompanied with 24-hour concierge and reception, landscaped gardens, state-of-the-art gym, an elegant lobby, steam & sauna room, outdoor courtyard, children’s play area, and also promises to produce the lavish lifestyle that their clients expect to receive at DAMAC Properties.

This particular property is being geared towards younger couples who want to live in a highly-sought-after location and conveniently located near entertainment and dining options. Within a short walk you can get to the mall, designer stores, paths for walking and jogging, and almost endless dining choices.

Sajwani received a government scholarship and was given the opportunity to be one of the first few students sent to study in the United States by their government. In the United States he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics at the University of Washington.

Hussain Sajwani, the owner or CEO of DAMAC, is an Emirati billionaire property developer with years of experience under his belt and many awards to back his success in the industry. He came from humble beginnings where his father owned a store that sold imports from China, and through hard work and resilient dedication to education, has managed to grow into the owner of one of the largest property development companies in the entire Middle East. Hussain Sajwani, the owner or CEO of DAMAC, has been acknowledged for being part of the 100 most influential Arabs by Gulf Business in 2017, one of Middle East’s Future Stars by the Arabian Business Achievement Awards in 2017, and also received Property CEO of the Year at the CEO Middle East Awards in 2017. He should expect 2018 to be an even more prosperous year as he continues to forge forward with his real estate property goals.

McCaleb and his Impact on Bitcoin

Jed McCaleb is known for his work in programming, as well as blockchain currency. McCaleb has become famous by his different ventures in the world of cryptocurrency. He founded Mt. Gox which was the premier Bitcoin exchange internationally. He has also been on the startups for other ventures such as eDonkey. eDonkey was a company that lead the way in file sharing that was done through peer-to-peer networks. The company was created, and then implemented, in the year 2000 by McCaleb as well as another developer, Sam Yagan. eDonkey was the first network that was ever able to use multisource downloading.

McCaleb and Stellar

Back in 2014, McCaleb led the way on his newest project. Stellar was designed to address different flaws in the international financial system. McCaleb joined with Joyce Kim to create the company. He is currently the cofounder as well as the CTO of the company. McCaleb is in charge of the technical development aspects of Stellar. Stellar’s focus is to increase participation and inclusion in the field of economics. The role that McCaleb plays is split between two. He is responsible for coding and improving the technical aspects as well as responding to any inquiry needed.

The network at Stellar has support from the website This is a nonprofit that uses technology and financial literacy (digitally). The website is also a contribution to software that is classified as open sourced. McCaleb has spent a large part of his career trying to improve technologies that are still in development or have already existed. These technologies are used to solve different problems that are occurring in the world.

McCaleb’s Other Endeavors

Jed McCaleb has an abundance of interests that lie outside of Stellar. He has also spent time doing research on the potential for an implementation of Artificial Intelligence in everyday life. He believes that AI can rapidly grow over the next twenty years. McCaleb thinks AI has the ability to solve a lot of the problems we have by making life more simple. McCaleb has even gone as far as to say that AI has the power to do a lot more than blockchain has done for our society.

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Where Does Avatrade Stand In Review?

Forex trading is one of the oldest and most amazing forms of investment out there. People have been using this to get them where they can for thousands of years, but thanks to recent developments it’s something that anybody can decide to get into on their own schedule. Avatrade is providing the perfect platform to get used to this new way of thinking and they have no problem making sure that people are fully aware of what they offer. You can learn everything you need to know through Avatrade and then use the platform to go as far as you can. It’s making it possible to create profound profits easily.

The ability to learn and practice on Avatrade is what makes this platform so much better than its rivals you can look at what you want and decide when you feel you’ve gotten what you deserve. It’s presenting something that so many people just haven’t seen on a forex trading platform. The previously challenging subject is so approachable given what we have here. It makes it easy to see why the platform has become more popular and gradually shaped what people expect from their forex platforms. Nobody else can come close to this quality.

While there are so many out there who wish to emulate what has been done by Avatrade, there is simply no way to look at this and find a doppelganger. The platform gives you a start with forex but moves on to other domains in a rather intuitive way. You can see what’s being offered and you can clearly decide for yourself how far you want to take it. You can even move into cryptocurrencies after having a feel for what investing is like. Both novices and veterans will see this as something they can take advantage of. It’s only a matter of having the right attitude and using what you know to your advantage. Avatrade has the potential to offer so much without any of the issues that are often present. It’s worth trying even if you think it’s going to be something of a hassle.

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Siteline Cabinetry Provides Many Chic Design Options in Custom Cabinets

Siteline Cabinetry provides many chic designs options in custom cabinets. These solidly build cabinets are made to last generations. More homeowners are discovering how easy getting customized cabinets for an affordable cost really is. Siteline Cabinetry hires the best woodworking professionals and carpenters to build their high quality products. They are able to offer these lowered costs because Siteline provides a mix of pre-fabricated material selections along with highly personalized custom cabinet design styles and added frills that the customer can select. Therefore, these cabinets only need a quick lead time of just 5-6 weeks in the high majority of cases. This labor cost is then reduced, and Siteline Cabinetry rolls these huge savings on down to their excited customers.

The average Siteline Cabinetry customer didn’t realize that there was such an affordable option in high end and beautifully made custom cabinets anywhere on the market. Siteline Cabinetry founders saw the need for this, and now the company is raking in the profits. Customers are overjoyed to get their fabulous brand new cabinets installed professionally with almost no mess or hassle. From start to finish, the process of obtaining gorgeous cabinets built by Siteline is a very rewarding customer experience.

The customer experience is so good, that many customers decide to add these awesome cabinets in other rooms or spaces where they need a bit more organization and some ornamental beauty that fits the spot. Siteline Cabinetry has hundreds of very compelling and unique cabinet design styles that consumers may pick from. After, the customer moves on to select the ideal door type, perfect color options and other personally desired cabinet face metal adornments and finishing details. Customers can opt for a high gloss finishing shine, or they can select a natural looking unfinished wood stain too.

The unbelievable worth of these magnificent cabinets really help these cabinets sell by themselves. Seeing is believing, and Siteline Cabinetry has lots of photos for customers to pore over. Ultimately, their custom cabinets will have a look like no other that perfectly suits the home and family members it will be installed in.

Talk Fusion CEO Adds Depth to HuffPost with Marketing Insight

After 25 years of experience in direct sales and video marketing, Bob Reina brings a unique perspective to HuffPost as it seeks to rebrand completely. With the recent name change from Huffington Post, the brand wants to better tell stories for people who haven’t had a voice up until now. Their goals align with Bob Reina’s as a leader of his company, Talk Fusion, and his ideas as a contributor.


Reina has been contributing to HuffPost since 2016, in which he writes about self development, marketing, business, video technology trends, selling, and lifestyle. Reina says he believes in innovating and never settling. This way, his business will always grow. In addition, as a philanthropist, he aims to help people succeed, no matter where they come from. This surely shows in his articles. Reina says he is pleased that the outlet is focusing on things like fulfillment and culture as they rebrand. He is looking forward to sharing his articles and insight with the 200 million readers they have.


Talk Fusion was founded 2007 by Brad Reina because he wanted to help people. As a former police offer, he had a knack for solving problems. When he noticed how difficult it was to send a simple email video file to his friend, he teamed up with a technology expert to create a new and innovative software.


Talk Fusion uses a unique selling style, in which it is distributed by independent agents across 140 countries. This allows them to pay their team better and pass savings along to customers. Their reps even get paid instantly which shows how much they value them.


New customers can try it out for a 30 day free trial at You can use it on an Apple, Android, or PC and it works on smartphones, tablets, and PC’s. With Talk Fusion, you can do live messaging, video emails, and conference calls. However, it isn’t just the features of the software that are impressive. The company also gives back to the community. They support charities, social programs, women’s shelters, and animal shelters. And as a member of the Direct Selling Association, Talk Fusion has a high level of integrity. Learn more: