Success Academy and the many achievements

Success Academy was founded in the year 2015 by Eva S. Moskowitz. It is the largest charter school network in New York City. It has a total of 41 schools which are publicly funded but privately managed. The headquarters are in Lower Manhattan but has other centers all over New York City. Recently success academy has launched online education Institute to share curriculum and professional development.


The founder of this great network says that she has two major agenda that she is pushing through the network. One of them is to offer high performing group of schools. The second is to improve the American education in general. Eva met with Donald Trump immediately after the presidential elections. Later the speaker of the House visited one of the charter schools.


The founder of the Success Academy charter schools believes that there are so many children across America that do not learn science as well as mathematics at the basic levels. She, therefore, desires to use the success academy platform to help solve the problem. She believes that once the mission is accomplished many learners will have better and high-quality education throughout the entire country.


The learners in the charter network learn so much in all field of life. There are many success stories from the students, the teachers and the parents of the success network of schools. All the graduates of the schools in kindergarten and also the eighth grade has a lot to celebrate. Adrian Roberts, one of the parents of two Success Academy students, says that the school has helped the entire family to love Chess. He says that both his son and daughter, Aston and Brielle love the game and through them, he has improved his skills. There are many other things taught in the schools including music and many other art lessons.


The Success Academy staffs say that they are using the Education Institute to share the broad architecture and their components of success Academy model. That way they are sharing the best practice, resources, and information to many who are educating. Many more children will gain access to great education. Through this technology, many learners will be assisted to get a quality education.

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