Sam Tabar Makes a Tangible Difference as a Capital Tactician and Legal Professional

Mr. Tabar has built his impressive, versatile career in the law industry, financial world, and fund management industry. He is a brilliant New York-based senior lawyer and capital strategist. He has a diversified portfolio, comprising of management, mergers, and acquisitions expertise, corporate law, and legal research. He is an accomplished writer whose well-articulated articles and essays have featured in leading magazines and journals.

Academic background

Sam Tabar is a talented academician. He has met the continuous education requirements in his field of expertise. On several occasions, he has encouraged young entrepreneurs to strive to strike a balance between their academics and work life. At the community level, Tabar has been a devoted supporter of education courses. He holds an honors undergrad degree in Bachelors of Arts and an LLM. He is authorized to practice law in New York and other states of the U.S.

Brief career history

Tabar landed his first job as an associated of an acclaimed firm based in New York called Skadden, LLP. He specialized in resolving regulation and compliance issues and offering advisory services to clients on structuring and establishing successful hedge funds. He also assisted them with handling side letter and investment management arrangements. After joining SPARX GROUP/PMA Investment Advisors, Tabar’s career started to thrive. For example, he ascended from the position of managing director to serving as the business development’s deputy director.

By 2010, Sam Tabar had become a leading attorney and capital strategist, highly respected and sought by globally recognized law firms, financial institutions, and hedge funds. Between 2010 and mid-2012, Tabar was the capital strategist of Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He joined Adanac LLC in September 2012 and founded a series of successful startups. From 2013 to 2014, Tabar served as the Schulte Roth’s senior associate.

The FullCycle Company

Tabar is the COO of FullCycle Company, an entity that focuses on converting solid waste into eco-friendly fuels or energy. By using his extensive professional experience and ability to develop practical strategies, Tabar is on the verge of helping FullCycle realize its goals on time. He is responsible for the firm’s strategic direction.