Glen Wakeman Is A Charitable Man

Glen Wakeman has been a man of charity all of his life. This began in college, where he started many fundraisers to help local businesses in the area. He did this in both Scranton, P.A. and in Chicago. Even his fundraisers were put together to help people read or learn financing or some other important factor.

After graduating, Glen Wakeman continued his heart for charity. He accomplished this by doing more than his salary offered him. Essentially, he worked for free to help manage businesses and get their finances in order. This warranted Glen Wakeman a list of awards that he credits to his family and mentors who instilled great values in him over the years.

Now, Glen Wakeman owns LaunchPad Holdings. This company assists businesses with managing their money and investments. LaunchPad Holding receives a new client practically every single day. Glen Wakeman has also invested his charitable heart into this company. Glen helps many local businesses for free. He selects several businesses from the local area and surrounding areas each month. Voluntarily, his team and himself assist these businesses with getting back on track.

LaunchPad Holdings is even responsible for helping nonprofit organizations in their local area and around the world. Every month, Glen Wakeman writes checks to help nonprofit organizations. To date, LaunchPad Holdings is responsible for distributing over 5 million dollars to not-for-profit organizations. However, Glen Wakeman does not stop there. Glen helps these not-for-profit organizations by going through their budget and cutting away anything that is holding the organization back. Glen also has a team of grant writers who write letters for nonprofit organizations on a monthly basis. These letters are mostly to the government ( This is done so these organizations receive more help from the government than what is traditionally given on an annual basis.

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The Success Story of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman has a long and illustrious career in the world of business and finance. Armed with a BS degree in Economics and an MBA in Finance, he has worked for several high profile companies successfully. For example, he started out his career with GE Capital Services. While working at GE he was recognized for his accomplishments especially as a Growth Leadership Role model for the company.

In 2015, Glen Wakeman moved on from these companies and started LauchPad Holdings along with his business partner Rick Cano. LaunchPad Holdings can be described as a company that provides several different types of services for new and budding entrepreneurs. The business model of the company fits in with Glen Wakeman’s interest towards mentoring future entrepreneurs. He sees it as an opportunity to bring his years of experience to the table and impart advice to those who need it. After all, starting a business and keeping it successful in this day and age can be tricky. Therefore, having someone like Glen at your side to navigate through the jungle known as the business world is a real plus.

Glen Wakeman’s experiences include mergers and acquisitions, new market opportunities, exponential growth and divestitures to name a few. In fact, he has published blogs, written articles for papers and advised C-level executives in all these areas. Glen Wakeman methods for success are no secret. It is accomplished through five key areas of improvement such as governance, execution, human capital, leadership and risk management. What makes Glen Wakeman stand apart from his peers is his sheer international experience. Having lived in several different countries world wide and overseen operations in another 30 countries, it is safe to say that Glen will have some unique insights on a global scale. Not bad for a starry eyed start up entrepreneur to have on his or her side.

Jim Tananbaum’s Steps in Neuropsychiatric Treatment

In the first round of financing series in support of their neuropsychiatric diagnosis and treatments, the Mindstrong Health managed to raise 14 million dollars. Mindstrong Health is a neurological minded start-up. They have employed an Al-powered platform which is meant to take notes on the interaction patterns via smartphones to monitor brain functions. Mindstrong is intent on avail cognition and mood biomarkers digitally in a continuous manner. This is noted to encompass attention, speed, and executive as well as memory function. ARCH Venture Partners spearheaded this first round of financing, Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund, as well as Berggruen Holdings.

Dr. Tom Insel, who is the Mindstrong Health President and co-founder, said that the most exciting part of Mindstrong is seeing how individuals are transforming their typing and scrolling mannerisms on smart devices into the meticulous cognitive function,. This cutting edge process is just a benchmark for monitoring and a step to making more impressive ways to improve mental health. The world population faces mental issues, and such problems are not exclusive to one group. He attests that smartphones are a step forward to monitor and could help manage such issues.

Also, the CEO of Foresite Capital, Jim Tananbaum, said that the team that founded Mindstrong Health has incomparable knowledge of how the medical field goes about to treat and care for those ailing from mental complications and disorders. All those worried about helping and bettering the experience of these patients will now have a platform that greatly enhances how such treatments are tackled. The Mindstrong Health CEO, DR. Paul Dagum, added that all the new medicine is now measured objectively, but the mental tracking of patients has been constricted to the clinics. To be able to help the patients effectively, they look to have measures that are currently there for patients with chronic diseases, which is the intention of Mindstrong Health.

Jim Tananbaum, along with Foresite Capital, has been key in aiding the medical industry by investing in worthwhile ventures that are made to improve the treatment of those afflicted by conditions that do not yet have proper/modern means of treatment. They boast of 1.1 billion dollars in assets which they manage. Jim has been in the medical circles for over 20 years and has gone to found his own biopharmaceutical companies as well as healthcare investment practices such as NASDAQ: GENZ, Theravance Inc, and much more. Jim is a Yale graduate holding BSEE and BS degrees, a Harvard M.D and also M.S from MIT.

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Mike Baur: His Corporate and Social Impact, Achievements and Interests

When reading about Mike Baur, one cannot help but be impressed by his achievements. He has a trailblazing record, not only at the corporate level but also on a social level as he has great impact on the lives of many, especially the youth in Switzerland. His experience in the banking sector spans out for 20 years, rising from a commercial apprentice at UBS to becoming a board member at a Private Bank in Switzerland. His main vision is to, “Inspire and Impact the people of Switzerland to start their own Startup ideas.”

He holds an MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive M.B.A from the University of Bern, Switzerland. He is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman at The Swiss Startup Factory in Zurich. In addition, he is the Director and Co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association and the Deputy Managing Director at the Swiss Startup Invest. Mike Baur’s proficiency is in accelerating the growth of startups by transforming ideas into effective organizational structures and systems.

After quitting the banking sector, he set up The Swiss Startup Factory together with Max Meister and Oliver Waltzer with an aim of ensuring startups in Switzerland get financing, build a business network, get office space, and have access to mentorship and coaching. He focuses on businesses in the digital sphere where through his company, he is able to accelerate their growth through financing, coaching and mentoring. He believes that out of small ideas, the youth in Switzerland can foster a digital transformation and build the next big Swiss companies. Some of the startup businesses he has helped mentor through his company’s incubation program are Carcodex, My Insurance and Darwin Pricing.

Seeing as Mike Baur is passionate about mentoring and encouraging the youth, he occasionally gives talks in Universities, small and medium businesses and startup events. He describes himself as a sports lover with a bias in hockey and tennis. Mike’s experience in both the banking world and the startup world has seen him reap the fruits of his hard work as he is viewed as a valuable asset for business and as a mentor for the youth.