Class Dojo is the Future of Education

Technology has allowed us to advance our ability to learn in the classroom. Though there have been language barriers in place before, there are new methods that will allow teacher and parent communication outside of the classroom. ClassDojo is an application that helps bridge the gap between teachers and non-English speaking parents. It is an application that aims to develop certain areas for students and keep consistent contact with their parents. ClassDojo will help revolutionize the way children learn in school from the ground up and set an example for future learning resources out there.

The application enables teachers and parents to communicate flawlessly and show progress of their students. Teachers will also have access to invitation features so that parents can see for themselves the progress of their children in the classroom. One of the most important features of the app is the reward system that is set in place. This is a powerful tool that allows teachers to give positive feedback and rewards for their personal progress in the classroom.

Furthermore, trust is one of the most important aspects of any teacher and parent relationship. ClassDojo adheres to privacy protection which ensures that all information shared between parent and teacher is confidential. ClassDojo also does not sell your information to third party advertisers for any reason whatsoever. The application ensures that they follow the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Child Online Privacy Protection ACT (COPPA). Privacy is a fundamental value that ClassDojo wants all individuals looking for the right educational tool to know about.

As technology improves, so does our ability to bring more than we ever could to the next generation. ClassDojo builds community, enables children to success, and keeps a line of communication open with non-English speaking parents like never before. The future of learning starts with ClassDojo