SahmAdrangi’s New Short Sale Tactics

In a new and virtually unprecedented move, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, SahmAdrangi, has raised an astounding $100 million from investors in order to bet against a single stock. This new Kerrisdale fund has been dubbed a co-investment and appears to be the very first of its kind. Although it is common for hedge-fund managers to secure funding in order to recover distressed corporations, such as energy companies, or residential mortgage-backed securities, this move, by the small New York-based fund, is quite unique.

In a recent email delivered to investors, Mr. SahmAdrangi detailed the fact that he and his company have garnered a significant amount of capital in a relatively short amount of time, as well as the fact that the target company has a substantial net worth, totaling over $10 billion. Mr. Adrangi believes that his initial success in garnering backing is proof that his thesis has begun to make waves within the investment community. In an effort to garner increased backing, Mr. Adrangi, along with an analyst from Kerrisdale Capital Management, Shane Wilson, he intends to create a report, a website, and new video that will further detail his thesis.

According to an unnamed source, the company that Kerrisdale Capital Mangement is targeting will be revealed as early as May of this year, and the company has already begun buy stock in the company in order to steady its position.

Mr. Adrangi is currently the Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, having held the position since its inception in 2009. While the company today manages about $500 million, including the funding that has been secured since the announcement of the impending short sale, it was created by Mr. Adrangi on a budget of less than $1 million. He initially garnered his reputation through short selling and the publishing of research, helping to correct commonly held misconceptions about shorts and the market as a whole. In 2010 and 2011, Mr. Adrangi was lauded for his work in exposing the fraudulent Chinese companies, China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and China-Biotics.


Robert Ivy Leads AIA To Greatness Through Leadership

The American Institute of Architects exists as an organization that offers government advocacy, public outreach, support systems and community development to the profession of architecture. The aim of this association is improving the industry of building by establishing a good image. Like any organization that exists in the world, AIA depends on leadership for excellent performance. That is why in 2010, the board of directors appointed Robert Ivy as the vice president and chief executive officer. His roles in the office were valid as from early 2011. Since then, he has not disappointed his dependants.


Robert Ivy is recognized in the field of architecture. He is an architect by profession. At AIA, he also works as an editor whose works revolve around working on the architectural record. He has been in charge of the position from 1996. At McGraw-Hill, he collaborates as an efficiency manager for a bigger editorial organization. His works entail ensuring that the publications are of high quality. Robert’s experience roots from Ivy Architects, a firm named after himself, his business and sole proprietorship. He was the team leader hence the excellent skills in leadership. At Dale, he was a dean for approximately 14 years. He then delved into corporate executive positions where he learned more about leadership and his role as a project manager.


Robert had registered better performance when in 2009, he was awarded by the American Business Media. His contributions were highly unmatched. In 2010, he received more recognition by the architectural fraternity. The Master Architect Award was motivating. He bagged it based on his ability to better communicate to the world of architects. Being a leader, Robert Ivy has been trusted to offer better judgment as an advocate. From vital social and environmental issues, he has delivered impaired judgment based on facts. Serving as a board member of AIA from 1990, Robert Ivy has created smooth managerial infrastructure.


Robert’s skills have been transforming the landscape of AIA since he became the vice president. He has done well in reshaping the legacy of the association by implementing proactive, responsive in addition to important structures in the organization. His goals for the organizations have left a signature of accomplishments that include streamlining governance to better decision making and launching top campaigns based on raising awareness. Robert’s passion is embedded in his values for appropriate work ethics and excellent leadership. He exists as a team player and leader at the same time. His love for success reflects his determination to provide better organizational structures.

“Equities First Holdings, Australia’s Top Loan Service”

Equities First Holdings, Australia Lending Company

Equities First Holdings is a stock-based loan company whose main location is in Sydney, Australia. After becoming established in 2002 they’re one of the most innovative lenders in todays world. In fact, their workflow has increased so much, they’ve open numerous other locations across the world. Which includes the United Kingdom, America, Japan, China, and various other areas as well. It’s no wonder it has become such a highly sought after lending company, they are truly dedicated in helping their clients to fullest extent. Providing them with the lowest interest loans possible in a quick and efficient manner. Putting extra money into your account in a short amount of time. Equities First Holdings has made hundreds of transactions and delivered over a billion dollars in revenue for their clients. All within the past four years, talk about being successful.

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Securus Technologies Cares About Inmates

We are moving into a culture that has a growing respect for entrepreneurs who look into social entrepreneurship. This is the mindset that one can use their business to not only make money, but provide some sort of product that makes the world a vastly greater place to live in. Some do this by taking care of a need. Others do this by stopping an evil. Securus Technologies is the second one.


They won my respect as I began to research what drives them. What drives them is the passion to decrease the crime that inmates commit to one another. They have accomplished this by creating technologies that can investigate inmate activity, correct them in behavior, and monitor what they are doing. Because they have broken the mold in these areas, they are now the leading provider in technology for correctional facilities.


Over 2,000 facilities in the United States of America use Securus Technologies, with another 2,000 facilities in Canada using the same products. Securus Technologies has been able to create a system that is capable of searching and locking contraband cell phones. In addition to this, they create technologies that make it easier for guards to see potential crimes in advance.


I love how Securus Technologies is constantly seeking ways to stop these needless deaths. They have invested 600 million dollars to create brand new technologies and acquire new patents. This investing has paid off. Securus Technologies can produce a brand new product every week. These products make law enforcement and officers in the jail feel safer and help them investigate quicker.


I am so glad that Securus Technologies is a one of those businesses with a heart. It is because they are passionate about these people that they are able to protect them from others in the facility.


Talk Fusion CEO Adds Depth to HuffPost with Marketing Insight

After 25 years of experience in direct sales and video marketing, Bob Reina brings a unique perspective to HuffPost as it seeks to rebrand completely. With the recent name change from Huffington Post, the brand wants to better tell stories for people who haven’t had a voice up until now. Their goals align with Bob Reina’s as a leader of his company, Talk Fusion, and his ideas as a contributor.


Reina has been contributing to HuffPost since 2016, in which he writes about self development, marketing, business, video technology trends, selling, and lifestyle. Reina says he believes in innovating and never settling. This way, his business will always grow. In addition, as a philanthropist, he aims to help people succeed, no matter where they come from. This surely shows in his articles. Reina says he is pleased that the outlet is focusing on things like fulfillment and culture as they rebrand. He is looking forward to sharing his articles and insight with the 200 million readers they have.


Talk Fusion was founded 2007 by Brad Reina because he wanted to help people. As a former police offer, he had a knack for solving problems. When he noticed how difficult it was to send a simple email video file to his friend, he teamed up with a technology expert to create a new and innovative software.


Talk Fusion uses a unique selling style, in which it is distributed by independent agents across 140 countries. This allows them to pay their team better and pass savings along to customers. Their reps even get paid instantly which shows how much they value them.


New customers can try it out for a 30 day free trial at You can use it on an Apple, Android, or PC and it works on smartphones, tablets, and PC’s. With Talk Fusion, you can do live messaging, video emails, and conference calls. However, it isn’t just the features of the software that are impressive. The company also gives back to the community. They support charities, social programs, women’s shelters, and animal shelters. And as a member of the Direct Selling Association, Talk Fusion has a high level of integrity. Learn more:


Louis Chenevert’s Success Story

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO and Chairman of United Technologies Corporation, UTC. He was also the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada. Chenevert attended HEC Montreal School and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in production management. Also, he received an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal in 2011. He was also named the Person of the Year by Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine.

Louis Chenevert has had many professional positions in different corporations. After working for General Motors for fourteen years, he got elected as the president of Pratt and Whitney Canada in 1999. Louis had been employed there for six years before his election. UTC elected Chenevert the Chairman and CEO in 2006. He worked there diligently until 2014. Chenevert was able to remain on top despite the many challenges they faced in the sector.

Chenevert served in various positions in offices. In 2011, Chenevert was the Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee until 2012. He was later made the Exclusive Advisor in the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division in 2015. Details regarding his compensation are unknown. He was entitled to identify opportunities in industrial and the aerospace sectors and advise other businesses. Chenevert is a subtle thinker who was able to demonstrate his leadership skills to deliver quality results.

Since Louis Chenevert joined UTC, the company made a remarkable improvement. Worth noticing is that he joined UTC when the economy of US was in the throes of a subprime recession. Chenevert made a history in the company by remaining the market leader in innovation without venturing into foreign countries, and in compliance with all environmental policies.

UTC undertook the manufacturing of the most sophisticated jet engines worldwide. Chenevert remained in charge of the world’s leading manufacturer of elevators & escalators. The share price of the company rose from 37 US dollars to 117 US dollars which were 200 percent increase with an exclusion of dividends. Chenevert relocated hundreds of engineers in aerospace back to Connecticut to improve the quality and application of skills in military and commercial contracts. It made it unnecessary to lay off their engineers as the other companies did. In conclusion, Chenevert is a strong critical thinker who made a great success in his profession and salvaged UTC from the verge of collapsing.

Here’s What Imran Haque Thinks of Treating Diabetes, as well as Robotic Surgical Devices

Dr. Imran Haque earned his medical doctorate from the most reputable school in the Caribbean Islands, Universidad Iberoamericana, usually shortened to UNIBE. Immediately following his graduating with honors, he decided that Internal Medicine wold be most rewarding to research, study, and practice throughout his career. As such, Mr. Imran Haque traveled to the University of Virginia at Roanoke and Salem to work towards becoming a licensed physician, something he obtained the right to after serving in excess of three years at the University’s facilities.

After graduating, he settled in rural North Carolina, an area where many people don’t have enough resource to obtain quality healthcare. Imran Haque has helped the hard-working, needy people of the Tar Heel State obtain just that.

Imran Haque’s most common field of practice is cosmetic surgery, something that surgical robots could help tremendously with. Although Horizon Medical Center’s multiple locations – of which Imran Haque owns all of them through his dedicated work towards patients – Dr. Haque strongly believes in their benefits, planning on purchasing them for his minimally invasive surgeries at Horizon’s North Carolinian practices.

Also called robotic guided surgery, this form of operation features several benefits that traditional, soon-to-be outdated methods of surgical procedures don’t always offer. In the midst of today’s opioid crisis, such procedures will almost always cut down on harmful opioid painkillers needed because surgeries are more to-the-point and rarely hurt areas that aren’t directly involved in necessary procedures at hand.

Diabetes is one of the United States’ most prevalent diseases, with nearly one-tenth of Americans suffering from it, most of those having it since birth. Imran Haque combines a myriad of procedures, medications, and recommendations to help people with diabetes live better lives. Thanks to the team of experts Dr. Imran Haque employs, he’s able to spend more time with other patients, while the experts deal with crafting unique treatment plans.


Amicus Therapeutics for a Better Life With Rare Diseases

Rare and orphaned diseases can sometimes fall off the radar of public thought, with by its very definition less than 200,000 people or about 1 in 1,500 have to suffer from these diseases for them to be classified as such in the United States. This leads to less funding being invested in researching cures and treatment, and a smaller pool from which to pull in research patients ( Amicus Therapeutics, however, believes that investing and creating treatments for these rare and orphaned diseases is not only vital to those suffering from them but to understanding and treating common diseases as well.


Amicus Therapeutics largely uses the Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy or CHART platform. Concentrating on enzyme replacement therapies or ERTs, Amicus Therapeutics has become a biotechnology leader in research and development for rare diseases in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, the lead candidate is migalastat (trade name Galafold), a chaperone treatment platform for Fabry Disease that hopes to stabilize the mutant gene that causes the condition. Additionally, Amicus Therapeutics has treatment research ongoing for Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs). Pompe disease treatment is being led with biologics program, ATB200/AT2221, which is making great steps in treating the genetic disorder.


Amicus Therapeutics is devoted to patient advocacy as well, supporting and empowering those with these disorders and their families to ease the difficulties they face. Learning by listening to the patients earnestly. Using this input to use in the design of clinical trials for therapies and research allows better advances in the drug development and new therapy processes (Dialdish). Feedback on what patients actually are facing daily provides the opportunity to get advice on the both the needs and what improves their quality of life. This helps in not only treatment options but for Amicus Therapeutics to educate, support, and advocate on behalf of patients in the public space as well.

Osteo Relief Institute: Battles Arthritis

Osteo Relief Institute is a center that provides non-invasive treatment options for Knee Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common type of arthritis which is also known as degenerative joint disease. The condition leads to the gradual destruction of the soft tissue which is found between joints.


Arthritis affects over 50 million people in America. There are over 100 variants of the disease which refers to a joint disease or joint paint. The disease mostly affects women and older adults. The joint condition is one of the leading causes of disability cases in America (ChronicalWeek). Arthritis has no cure, but the chronic pain associated with it is manageable. As we age bone, cartilage wears away and breaks down. Eventually, your bones are bound to rub against each other, and this will cause stiffness, pain, and swelling. When this happens, chronic pain is associated with all your joints.


However, osteoarthritis has some risk factors which you can look out for and protect yourself. Some of these risk factors include age, excess weight, previous injuries, and family history. Once you start feeling the symptoms of Osteoarthritis, you must act swiftly to minimize the severe effects that come with the disease. Acting swiftly reduces the effects of the degeneration and extent of the pain. Some measures have been discovered to help you follow to minimize the pain of Osteoarthritis and its extent. Some of them include;

  • Mild exercises that may include stretching, movement exercises, and strength training. You may also do aerobics. Walking, water exercise and cycling also helps to keep you mobile and to control your weight and in improving your general mood.


  • Don’t forget to make sure that you move every day. The physical movement even if it’s mild helps to control the pain.


  • Avoid repeating the same procedure like playing golf, jumping or tennis. This tends to stress specific joints, thereby making arthritis worse.


About Osteo Relief Institute


Osteo Relief Institute focuses on the non-invasive treatment of Osteoarthritis. The Institutes employ professional medics who can handle the condition expertly. The Institute’s board has physical therapists and physicians that are competent and have been board certified. Osteo Relief Institute uses the most advanced methods to produce the best methods of handling any chronic pain that is associated with Osteoarthritis. The main aim of the establishment is to provide safe and efficient treatment to manage Osteoarthritis (



Eli Gershkovitch And Canadian Craft Beer


After Prohibition swept through Canada, many breweries and beers became available. Some of these breweries and beers are still around today, and some newer breweries and beers have touched the soul of all Canadians, including visitors.


One of the most popular beers today is the Lake Lager. This beer is provided by the Brick Brewing Company. What makes Lake Lager different from all other beers is that it is distributed colder than all other beers in Canada. Additionally, Lake Lager comes with no aftertaste at all, and Lake Lager has been brewed in a way that it does not bloat the stomach. The working-class of Canada craves this beer on a daily basis.


Another great Canadian craft beer is All Or Nothing, which is brewed by the All Or Nothing Brewhouse. People in Canada rave about this beer because of its aroma. As soon as the bottle is opened, the atmosphere is filled with scents of bubblegum and banana. The beer itself sparkles like diamonds, and it has a rich gold color to it. The taste of this beer is equivalent to watermelon and strawberries. There is even evidence that this beer promotes an energetic lifestyle. People in Canada love drinking this beer during the summer and while watching sports.


An additional fantastic Canadian craft beer is Ambear Red Ale, and it is brewed by Cameron’s Brewing Company. Ambear Red Ale has won several awards for being voted the best beer in Canada. It takes its name from its red wine color. This beer is special because of how the flavor changes with each sip. The first few sips will taste like citrus, and the next few sips will have a sweet vegetable taste to it. This beer is also known for promoting a happy attitude. Canadians always choose this beer when they are dining or eating fast food.


The most famous brewery of all is the Steamworks Brewery, which is run by Eli Gershkovitch. Eli Gershkovitch began Steamworks Brewery in the early 90’s. It was discovered that several old pipes existed underground. Eli Gershkovitch had the idea to build a brewery run solely by steam (Manta). Several architects and construction companies were able to make this a reality.


Steamworks Brewery is known for making potent beer due to the immediate delivery of steam ( Steamworks Brewery is known to Canadians as a freestyle brewery because you never know what type of beer you will find when you enter the brewery. They may have their famous Pale Ale available, or they may have their famous Cucumber Ale. They also custom make beer right on the spot.


Before opening a brewery, Eli Gershkovitch was a pilot while attending law school. During law school, Eli Gershkovitch always went for a drink with friends. However, Eli Gershkovitch was looking for something more than beers from traditional breweries. Hearing about the possibility of powering a brewery on steam was a dream come true for Eli Gershkovitch. He knew he could serve beer that was abnormal but that would become normal, and even award-winning, in a short period of time.