What’s New with Herbalife Nutrition in 2019

Bigger and better things are underway for the wellness community thanks to Herbalife Nutrition. This particular company has been serving the world with high-quality supplements since 1980. Being a global nutrition company isn’t easy, but this particular company has made its success look rather easy. Fast-forward to 2019 and Herbalife has expanded its borders to better mankind. This company has a profound interest in the process of donating blood. Donating blood is truly a great cause, but donating blood can zap the body of its energy. According to crunchbase, this is where Herbalife comes into the frame as this organization will be donating some of its products to replenish the energy reserves of blood donators. The idea is brilliant as Herbalife will be working exclusively with the American Red Cross.

Over 280,000 of the brand’s Protein Deluxe bars will be donated to more than 120 blood-donation centers across the US. This generous donation has been taking place for the past four years, and its value represents an estimated $500,000. Humanitarian efforts is what this company specializes in, and it has a long resume of doing so. This decades-long affair has helped to thrust the brand into the spotlight among its competitors. These protein bars are loaded with healthy ingredients, which consists of 10 grams of protein. In addition to that, the protein bars will provide 10 carbohydrates as well as an abundance of vitamin B2.

Herbalife’s Protein Deluxe bars are also very convenient thanks to their eat-on-the-go attributes. They’re perfect for an afternoon snack, and they’re perfect to use right after working out. This Los Angeles-based company has held its own blood drives on numerous occasions. Fifty blood drives have been hosted at company headquarters, and the brand’s valiant efforts has helped to save more than 25,000 lives.



James Dondero Something Worth Traveling For

Since the death of a hippo named Papa, in 2001, visitors to the Dallas Zoo will once again be treated to hippo’s Beautiful sight. All thanks to James Dondero, CEO of Highland Capital Management who sponsored Dallas Zoo in part with a 2.1-acre Simmons Hippo Outpost. Through a $1 million donation from the company, a 5000-square-foot construction will commence at Highland Capital Lodge. Even though its intended for special displays and private events, Dallas zoo CEO, Gregg Hudson claims the entire hippo outpost totaling $14 million will significantly benefit the zoo. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.


Simmons Hippo Outpost’s high cost was due to the difficulty in its construction as it needed large quantities of fresh water to maintain circulation. Also, considering the small pools and outdoors around. According to the animal operations and welfare Vice President, Harrison Edell, there developed a need for a natural appearance. The hippo’s massive body weight and mouth were to be considered during the design of the pool to withstand pressure when throwing themselves around.

Professional help from CLR Design firm in Turner and Philadelphia got sourced from within the zoo. Using their expertise in water filtration and horticulture, they ended up using golf course’ soft grain sand. The animal’s welfare was also important in the construction; former zookeepers of Papa were looped in, offering some insight. Edell, knowing animal behavior, commented on the improvement of the zoo’s construction; from using concrete to a sand floor lounge and a giant grass pool.

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James Dondero unnoticed philanthropic actions made Mark Okada, co-owner of the company, to get honored among the 2015 Dallas Business Journal. Also, the company as the best place to work. James Dondero has made philanthropic donations and contributions in Dallas and other non-profit organizations. Snowball Express, Scholars Program like SMU’s Highland Capital Management Towers, National Science projects like Perot Museum and Capital for Kids; which elevate students Education are some of his other contributions.

James Dondero needed a charitable giving manager to head the philanthropic department for his company. Linda Owen, Dallas civic leader, took the position partnering with the Dallas Foundation. Dondero also insisted that Owen, who shared the company’s vision with a good track record would expand the project linking the private and public sector. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Malcolm CasSelle Buys Into Blockchain Fever with WAX

Cryptocurrency needed a big win. The virtual tender was suffering under the strain of two deal-breaking drawbacks: fraud and fragmentation. Fraud made online transactions to risky whereas fragmentation made online transactions too slow. Fragmentation was necessary, however, because the meddling middlemen provided the security necessary to protect against fraud. It was an endless circle spiraling down the drain of a commode and flushing away cryptocurrency’s potential.

Then blockchain’s were invented. Simple cryptographic lists of data that track every transaction a user makes and red-flags fraudulent behavior. Now, fraud and fragmentation are being neutralized and its anyone’s guess as to where the future is going. Malcolm CasSelle has a guess, and he has decided to back that guess with action.

Malcolm CasSelle is not new to the online world, nor is he some millennial who invented a popular phone app. Malcolm CasSelle is a veteran of the internet and has operated within its confines since the mid-’90s. CasSelle is a graduate of MIT and Stanford and holds degrees from both in computer science. He started his career with a media-production company called NetNoir that he co-founded in ’95. He has served in top-level executive positions ever since.

CasSelle has been a SVP, CEO, and CTO for a host of various companies. These companies have been involved in social media tracking software, paywall solutions, instant-messaging, and in-game asset sales. The last is the business of CasSelle’s current company OPSkins, who he joined just last year. OPSkins is also the company behind CasSelle’s latest innovation: Worldwide Asset eXchange.

WAX is a new player trading platform that operates in a decentralized market. It uses blockchain technology to power its security and processing. It offers players a streamlined platform for the buying, trading, and selling of virtual wares. WAX serves as the initial presence of blockchains withing the gaming world. CasSelle was an early stage investor in Bitcoin and has followed cryptocurrency from its inception. Like many experts, he sees the great potential in blockchains and is banking on it. As the president of WAX, CasSelle is dedicated to revolutionizing the gaming industry. WAX could very well be the element that finally takes cryptocurrency mainstream.