Guilherme Paulus: Brazil’s Highly Acclaimed Entrepreneur

In his early twenties, Guilherme Paulus was presented with an idea that would change his life forever. He was travelling across Brazil when one Carlos Vicente Cechiari hinted to him about setting up a travel agency. That small conversation would result in the birth of CVC Brazil Operadora. The two joined hands in 1972 to be among the pioneers of Brazil’s tour industry.

He began his illustrious career at IBM where he was an intern. The move to get into business proved to be decisive. Guilherme Paulus took the world by storm and went on to achieve great things. The tour operator has gone beyond Brazil and is acclaimed as the best in Latin America.

The journey began in Sao Paulo where he hails from. The company has grown steadily over the years and currently makes $5.2 billion every year. Its shares have also been available in the stock exchange market for the past five years. Their services are available all over Brazil where their stores are spread out. Plans are in place to further expand their coverage in the country. The physical stores are also supplemented by online vendors.

His many years in the industry recently resulted in an Entrepreneur of the Year award. He had also received the Revolutionary Consumers Relations award courtesy of Modern Consumer. These awards have been supplemented by awards on the global scene as he has positively impacted the tourism sector of numerous other countries. France, which is top of that list, recognized his efforts in their industry back in 2012.

As his travel agency kept growing, he tried his hand in the hotel industry. The result was the development of the GJP Hotels & Resorts network that already has 14 hotels under its umbrella. His ability to offer diverse services has ensured that Guilherme Paulus cemented his position among the very best entrepreneurs in Brazil.

Other than his business engagements, Guilherme Paulus has also participated actively in a good number of charitable causes. For more than ten years now, CVC has given generously towards Dr. Klaide Care’s Educational Institution. Thanks to this generosity, learning opportunities and medical care have been made available for many youngsters in his local community. He has also made it possible for the less fortunate to get opportunities in the tourism sector through the PIET project.

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Ara Chackerian Is An Entrepreneur Who Knows How To Make The Most OF Sustainability, Healthcare, And More.

As a part of the founding of Limonapa Teak, Chackerian has the knowledge and experience to bring success to his business ventures. Ara Chackerian helped co-founded Limonapa Teak for a definite purpose. And that purpose was to leave the earth in slightly better shape than how Chackerian had found it.


With Limonapa Teak, Ara Chackerian has created some entrepreneurial opportunities in a specific region of South America; especially in the local groups and communities. Moreover, Chackerian was able to provide critical benefits to all those who involved in these projects. The earth’s current status when it comes to the environment and how many environmentalists work are elements that are important to Ara Chackerian. And especially when it comes to Limonapa Teak. The best point about Limonapa Teak farm is that the company provides an excellent example of how those who invest money and who are conscious when it comes to the environment can make a big difference.


Many different firms that are an essential part of the timber and forest-based industries have put different forest management initiatives into place. People like Chackerian have been the example that providing sustainable farming is possible as well as profitable.


Moreover, sustainable living provides many worthwhile benefits to communities. Some of the pluses include the opportunity for employment and the production of goods that are of very high-value. The other benefit is that these goods can be exchanged in the international markets.


Ara has also delved into the medical side of entrepreneurship as well. He is currently the Managing Partner of the company, ASC Capital Holdings. This firm is concentrated on investing in healthcare companies that are in their early stages of existence. Chackerian is also the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health provides treatments concerning the transcranial magnetic stimulation. These treatments are currently for those who are suffering from treatment-resistant depression. You can visit for more.



Ara Chackerian was also the President, Chief Executive Officer and founder of BMC Diagnostics. He helped to guide BMC Diagnostics through its purchase by Health Diagnostics in 2007.


Regarding his educational background, Ara Chakarian earned a Bachelor’s degree from Florida State University. You can follow their Facebook page.



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